My Little 3-Month-Old Isn't A Newborn Anymore!

It is so crazy to me that Adeline isn't a newborn really anymore! Three months is big time! 


A little about Adeline this month --
  • She's still a rock star sleeper and nurser. Her schedule is pretty similar to my report at 2 months. Adeline has really put herself on a pretty set schedule. Lilleigh had a set routine, which I think is like most babies. Adeline is almost clockwork.
  • Adeline is very entertained by her big sis! Big sis Lil will come up and talk to her and show her toys while Adeline sits in her bouncy seat or plays on her play mat. Having an older sis to entertain definitely makes my job easier! 
  • We have started calling her "Addie" some. Lilleigh started us on the nickname, really.
  • Adeline loves to smile and coo. She is talkative, but honestly I can't remember how much Lilleigh talked at this age to compare and predict if she will be the chatterbox her big sis is. I want to say that she is talkative but not as much as Lilleigh was. Time will tell.
  • She has laughed a couple of times but no big belly laughs yet.
  • Adeline is in size 1 disposable diapers (though we usually do cloth). She usually wears 3-6 month clothes, though she can get away with 3 month. Her cloth diaper bottom usually brings her pant size up to 6 month though! Haha.
  • Addie sleeps on her tummy but hates tummy time on her activity mat. She usually doesn't even give it 5 seconds, sooo I'm not seeing any rolling from tummy to back happening soon. She loves to be on her back on her play mat though, kicking and reaching for her toys. She can spend a good amount of time there playing and looking around. Content is a great way to describe Adeline.
  • Adeline also hates her car seat. It's really pretty unfortunate. I cannot remember the last time she fell asleep in her car seat, and I know that the number of times it has ever happened could be counted on one hand. If she is the least bit tired, she wails when we drive somewhere. Not sure how that will work out for road trips... The upside is though that she doesn't fall asleep on the way home from someplace and ruin her nap. Mommy would much rather endure 10 minutes of wailing in the car and get 2 or 3 good hours of Addie napping at home, rather than a 10 minute car nap and no nap at home. So there's the silver lining, I suppose. 
  • She takes a bottle well. Yea!  
  • Her belly button, which I was convinced would be an outie, has turned to be an innie - I THINK. It keeps changing on me. We'll see!
  • She also drools like crazy! This started right at 2 months. 
 I'm sure there is more, but that's all I can think of for now. Here is another pic of my little punkin!


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