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Sickness and Adeline at 9 Months

I am a week late on this post and realizing I have posted anything since Adeline's 8 month post! Life has been a little crazy here! To catch you up to speed...

Right after Easter, Brendon got food poisoning and ended up being taken by ambulance to the ER in the middle of the night! The vomiting and such had lasted 24+ hours, his stomach was severely cramping, and he was dehydrated. Thankfully he is okay, but it was a scary night! This did end up being out first "need" for Samaritan, and that's been an incredible experience so far! We are only partially through this first need process, but I am already so grateful that we switched from health insurance to a Christian cost share for healthcare needs!

Recently, just over two weeks ago, Brendon came down with what we are pretty sure was the flu. This lasted from Thursday to Monday, when on Monday his symptoms changed completely from flu-like to throat stuff with swollen tonsils. (We think he caught something either while…