Sickness and Adeline at 9 Months

I am a week late on this post and realizing I have posted anything since Adeline's 8 month post! Life has been a little crazy here! To catch you up to speed...

Right after Easter, Brendon got food poisoning and ended up being taken by ambulance to the ER in the middle of the night! The vomiting and such had lasted 24+ hours, his stomach was severely cramping, and he was dehydrated. Thankfully he is okay, but it was a scary night! This did end up being out first "need" for Samaritan, and that's been an incredible experience so far! We are only partially through this first need process, but I am already so grateful that we switched from health insurance to a Christian cost share for healthcare needs!

Recently, just over two weeks ago, Brendon came down with what we are pretty sure was the flu. This lasted from Thursday to Monday, when on Monday his symptoms changed completely from flu-like to throat stuff with swollen tonsils. (We think he caught something either while he had the flu or at the same time he caught the flu, since he had terrible allergies before this.) He went to our church's clinic twice that next week for care, which also turned out to be a great experience - so awesome to see how our church is reaching the surrounding community! Even though he received great care, his throat wasn't getting better. He tested negative for the flu (after symptoms passed), strep, and mono. Though we don't know the original cause (which has been frustrating), he definitely had a stubborn case of tonsillitis, which refused to get better despite two rounds of antibiotics and a steroid shot and a crazy amount of natural treatments, for an entire week. That next Monday we saw an ENT, and Brendon could barely talk. The ENT gave him oral steroids, which have helped a ton! Along with the gargling with essential oils which he started that day as well! (He should have been gargling the whole time, but that part did not occur to him until then. If you ever have tonsil issues, try the EO gargling because we are pretty sure that made a huge difference - for sure with pain, since some can numb!)

Brendon is now on the mend and has been working from home this week. We are soo thankful that he is okay! It was scary there for awhile and definitely really rough here for me, taking care of the girls and the house etc by myself.

(By the way, I promise I don't have a sickly hubby! I think he's had a bad month! It probably doesn't help that his immune system is way down from season allergies, which are debilitating for him.)

All that to say, we have had a lot going on! Here's your Adeline update...

Adeline is petite! At her 9 month appointment, she was 5th percentile for height and 2nd percentile for weight! Just a bitty thing! So sweet. I'm sure she gets her size from me. I was always the smallest in my class! Currently Adeline is in primarily 6 and 9 month clothes. She's still in size 2 diapers. (I want to say she weighed 14 lb 6 oz, or something like that!)

 Adeline is finally sitting up on her own! Yay! She loves to play in the play area with her big sister and watches every move Lilleigh makes! I'm glad Lilleigh isn't too crazy - maybe Adeline will follow her older sister's sweet example!

Her eyes... I don't even know how to describe them, let alone what color to say that they are. They are murky and multi-colored and beautiful. A mix of some blue, gray, brown, and green. I don't know if that's what all babies eyes look like before they turn brown, or if she will have an assortment of colors in her eyes. My eyes are clearly blue but also have both green and brown in the center, surrounding the pupil, so she very well could have multi-colored eyes! She does often get compliments on sunny days of her beautiful eyes. I wish I could capture them for the camera. I'll work on that next time I'm with a photographer friend. I've tried so many times to take a photo of them, and nothing!  

As for teething, she has her two bottom teeth, and one of her top teeth will break through any day now. Right after (which seemed odd to me...) getting her first two teeth in, we had a really rough 48 hours of her crying, having a sporadic low-grade temp, chewing on her hands, and lots of night wakings. It was really rough. More on that here. Thankfully though that is over. I'm hoping we don't have a repeat!

Thankfully, Adeline is normally a really happy baby! I am so thankful!!

Her "schedule" is constantly changing, ever since our rough bout with teething. I with I could say this was a regular thing, but it's so not. Here's what a day might look like for her...

4 AM - wake up to nurse (She has last eaten at 5 PM, so I go with it...)
8:30 AM - wake up, nurse, eat breakfast, play
9:45/10-11:30 AM - nap
11:30 AM - wake up, nurse, play, eat lunch with me and Lilleigh
1 PM - nap (Sometimes I try to "top her off" right before to get her to nap longer...)
2:30/3 - wake up, nurse, play, usually she will nurse again in here... those afternoon stretches are hard!
5 PM - nurse one last time, play and eat dinner with fam
6 PM - bed 

Having an older sister to entertain makes it difficult for morning nap at least a couple of times a week. Thankfully Adeline is super go with the flow and though she may be exhausted and fuss, she will usually come with us with a smile on her face, just so long as we get her to bed at a decent time for her afternoon nap! ;)

Just so we don't forget about Lilleigh in this post, here's a pic of her riding a bike...

And back to Adeline! I love this sweet photo of us! She makes my heart glad. Both of my girls do.

Adeline LOVES being in the sling! I wear her daily. I have tried her in the Ergo on my back, and it's just so-so. Here's one of our recent attempts. She does think it's hilarious when she's on my back and I bend down to pick up something!

And of course, the Go Pod. We love this thing. I don't know how moms of multiple kiddos have gotten along without this. Best $50 ever spent. Well, not my money. But still! Moms of 2+, you need this.

As far as solids goes, Adeline pretty much has had everything we normally eat, except for bread or sugar. She discovered a love for peanut butter! 

I think that concludes our update! We are so blessed to have this sweet girl in our lives! So very thankful for this blessing God gave us.


  1. I just saw the Go Pod and was thinking of getting one--do you recommend that or an exersaucer?? Or do you have both?

    1. Definitely both! I keep the Go Pod in the car and use it when we go to a park, a friends house, Central Market cafe patio, etc. it's a life saver with two kids!
      We have always borrowed exersaucers bc they're huge and need them so briefly! If you can't do that, buy used and then resell. Facebook swap sites are awesome!


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