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The Nursery

I know some of you have asked, so here it is! The nursery.

Just a little note first... I decided to wait to make the Texas flag Pottery Barn painting until I know the gender. If the baby's a boy, I definitely want to still make it! But if it's a girl, I'm really loving our pink and green glider cushions, so I may mix in some more pink and green. And of course, with a boy, I would make new cushion covers for the glider. Either way, I have some more decorating to do! I do love projects!

Okay now for the photos. Here's the nursery, thus far.

And the closet...

Our baby already has quite the book and toy collection!
And as you can see, we have lots of rubber ducky pajamas! We even got four of one - but all in different sizes! You'd think our friends coordinated that!  You can also see that others of our friends have guessed at the baby's gender... some pink, some blue. It makes it so fun!
Think we have enough diapers?

While I do plan to use cloth for the most part, I…

39 Weeks

Any day now! I'm hopeful.

Here are the latest photos!

Someone told me this week that I look like I'm going to explode. Naturally it was a man. I'm sure he was single. Thanks, bud. He asked if I was overdue. I told him next week, but thinking about it, I should have told him I'm due in May.

Mmmm Chai

Courtesy of Pioneer Woman
Since the baby will most likely decide to bake past his or her due date, I think I may need to find some things to do to entertain myself... one is make this delicious looking chai tea concentrate. Yuuuum! I'm not sure if it will end up being cheaper in the long run than the Tazo chai concentrate I buy at CostCo. I need to go price things out. But it's definitely worth trying! It's gotta be better for me than the boxed stuff!
Thanks, Nicole, for passing this recipe along!

My Maternity Must-Haves

Jean inspired me with her list of maternity must-haves over summer, so here's mine! The winter edition...

BELLI Elasticity Belly Oil, 4 oz
Target's Up&Up Cocoa Butter

In an effort to avoid stretch marks, I've put on the cocoa butter after ever shower. It's basically replaced my old lotion, so I put it everywhere. And before bed each night, I have used Belli Oil, per Jean's recommendation. And I will say that the only place I have gotten a stretch mark (thus far... knock on wood) is the one place I did not use the oil! So put it everywhere - butt, thighs, tummy, love handles, chest... you name it! Wherever you are gaining weight, use it! Still, I think the cocoa butter has made any damage minor - and hopefully not permanent!

 Maternity low-rise jeans from Old Navy
I HIGHLY recommend these jeans, and they are only $34.50!
I have another pair of maternity jeans from Gap, and I hate them. Before I got extremely pregnant they were okay, but once I got bigger, the &q…


Some of my cravings...

Chai tea lattes, preferably from Starbucks
Although I'm not sure this counts since I wanted them daily prior to pregnancy too.

Chickfila lemonade
 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies... with milk chocolate chips, of course. And since Cait asked, here's the recipe.

Things I Am Tired of Hearing...

I have really loved being pregnant. Sure there are a few annoyances, but over all I can't complain. This baby is just such a gift from God! What is there to complain about?

That said, sometimes people still say things that are hurtful or just rude... I mean what are they thinking?? Here are a few I am tired of hearing.
In December, I got a lot of "When are you due?" And when I say February 4th, I got some sort of smirk and "Oh I thought you were for sure having a Christmas baby!" Really? Really? I'm thinking you've never seen a woman 9/10 months pregnant.And thankfully I've only gotten two of these, but still two too many... "Are you sure you aren't having twins?" Seriously? Yes, I'm sure. Two things: 1. Do you see my size? I was 104 lb and almost 5'3" prior to this baby... where else do you think the baby should go? And 2. Surely it occurred to you that you just called me fat... thanks.Or when I say we are waiting to find …

37 Weeks: Our Little Watermelon

Today I'm officially 37 weeks, and our baby is a watermelon!

I'm definitely waddling... and feeling heavy! But I discovered a good trick for helping me sleep at night. I took a small pillow (about 12" x 16") and placed it under my tummy. Ever since then, I have slept much better!

Now that I am past 36 weeks, the baby can officially come whenever it wants! But my midwife says it will most likely come closer to February 4th, if not a little after. Perhaps in time to make a Superbowl debut? We may have a future football player or cheerleader in there! After all, it'd be a shame to miss all the fun in Dallas! I'm not sure our families would appreciate a February 6th appearance. Traffic in Dallas might be a little intense.

Dear Feet

Dear feet,

Please stay cute and skinny forever. Over Christmas you began to swell. After my initial panic, I began to prop you up each night and use Burt's Bees Mama Bee Leg and Foot Creme on you. I even got you a pedicure and a good rub.

If you swell too much, you might grow. And if you grow, I'll have to buy new shoes. I don't want that.

Since we've been back in Dallas, you've been good to me. I guess you had an adverse reaction to Houston.

Either way, I took these pictures to remember you by... and to compare you to, should you choose to swell on me. Please stay cute.


Christmas 2010 Recap

Our Christmas was wonderful!! I hope yours was also! Here are some pictures to show our eventful holiday! Lots of parents and family to see!

 Christmas Eve SMom and Wayne have a party, and Santa was there! The first picture is of us with Santa. And the second is my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and my new nephew Connor with Santa!

My step-brother Alex came up to me with a ball under his shirt and said, "Look! I look like you!"

Christmas morning, wearing our sisters pajamas

My dad got the baby a Denver Broncos jersey!

My dad loves to give scratch-off lottery tickets in our stockings. William won $7! I won $22! And Anabelle won none.

Christmas Dinner at Val's house

And of course, we made our rounds to each house over a period of several days. We took lots of pictures along the way - 380-something to be exact!! These are just the best! 
This might be our last Christmas in Houston for awhile, as we want to start our own traditions with our kids. But one of my favorite traditions we…