Dear Feet

Dear feet,

Please stay cute and skinny forever. Over Christmas you began to swell. After my initial panic, I began to prop you up each night and use Burt's Bees Mama Bee Leg and Foot Creme on you. I even got you a pedicure and a good rub.

If you swell too much, you might grow. And if you grow, I'll have to buy new shoes. I don't want that.

Since we've been back in Dallas, you've been good to me. I guess you had an adverse reaction to Houston.

Either way, I took these pictures to remember you by... and to compare you to, should you choose to swell on me. Please stay cute.



  1. haha, great post! :) Is it weird that this is one of my fears of getting pregnant...that my feet will grow?! I'm 5'2" and wear 7 1/2 or 8 shoes. In my opinion, I have big feet...I don't want them getting bigger! :)

    Love your polish color! And hope your feet listen to your kind plead!

  2. Oh, I have a pic of when we went on our babymoon to San Antonio - my feet were HUGE with swelling. Good thing my feet never grew - thank goodness. I can still wear all my shoes despite the swelling! :-)

    Tell me you got a could you paint your toes at 36 weeks yourself? LOL

  3. LOL! Yeah thats the last thing any of us prego mama's to be is to have to buy an all new shoe collection after our babies come!!! AHH!!

  4. Umm yes definitely a pedi!! I need another one before the baby gets here! I don't normally spend money on that, but I'm treating myself as a pre-labor present! It might be awhile before I get a chance to do that again...


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