39 Weeks

Any day now! I'm hopeful.

Here are the latest photos!

Someone told me this week that I look like I'm going to explode. Naturally it was a man. I'm sure he was single. Thanks, bud. He asked if I was overdue. I told him next week, but thinking about it, I should have told him I'm due in May.


  1. Men..right? I think you look great! Cant even tell your pregnant from behind either! Praying you have an easy delivery!

  2. Aww!! You look so good!! Praying for you and your little one!!

  3. I never called you back! I'm just as ditzy as you feel :) I'm sorry. Also, you look amazing! The ideal pregnant lady... nice round bump, skinny legs and arms... beautiful!

  4. you look beautiful!!!

  5. You look great!! Love the color of that top! I love your sense of humor with the silly comments. Oh males...they have no clue. :)

  6. Thanks friends!! I definitely feel large now, so I love the encouraging words! :)


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