37 Weeks: Our Little Watermelon

Today I'm officially 37 weeks, and our baby is a watermelon!

I'm definitely waddling... and feeling heavy! But I discovered a good trick for helping me sleep at night. I took a small pillow (about 12" x 16") and placed it under my tummy. Ever since then, I have slept much better!

Now that I am past 36 weeks, the baby can officially come whenever it wants! But my midwife says it will most likely come closer to February 4th, if not a little after. Perhaps in time to make a Superbowl debut? We may have a future football player or cheerleader in there! After all, it'd be a shame to miss all the fun in Dallas! I'm not sure our families would appreciate a February 6th appearance. Traffic in Dallas might be a little intense.


  1. Congrats!! You look so good! Let me ask..does your back hurt? I always figured towards the end of my pregnancy my back would be killing me! Sounds like it won't be much longer for you!

  2. Thanks so much!! My lower back does ache some, but it depends on the day and how much I do. I recommend resting a lot! I have just found that I can't plan a lot each day... that might just be me and my body though. My siatic (sp?) nerve bothered me for about a week in second trimester, but I went to chiropractor, who I see monthly anyway. He helped a lot with different simple exercises I could do, such as pelvic tilts (both sitting and laying down), bending down instead of leaning over, and others I should remember but don't... I should be better at doing these more often, but they still seem to have helped.
    Also I remember you asked somewhere on here about the midwife... I meant to respond! So sorry I didn't! That's awesome that you are now seeing one too. Is it because you want to go natural or just because you needed to switch doctors? I remember there was an issue with that. I love my midwife. She has more time than my old OB and is so glad to ask questions. And she's a lot more in line with my thinking. I just like natural in general... organic foods, using Emergen-C before other meds, etc. I just have a lot of trust in the way God designed the human body. And the more I heard people's stories about natural childbirth, the more I wanted to go without epidural (fingers crossed I do!). It was just awesome hearing how situations that would normally call for some sort of intervention didn't simply because these women could feel what was happening with the baby and reposition to help it. (No moving with epidural) God clearly had a plan for it. So I love that! Anyways that's why I switched. And so far my experience has been great!

  3. Love this picture!! I am so glad that you are still feeling well! Your little one will be here SO SOON!! So exciting!

  4. You're holding that watermelon like it ain't no thing!


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