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Catching Up On Fall

We've had lots of fun this fall, so I though I would share some photos!
Going to the arboretum in September/ October is one of our favorites because they set out tons of pumpkins! They have a pumpkin patch and a pumpkin village. The girls love it!

Brendon went on a work trip to Philadelphia and filmed in an aquarium. While we don't love him being away, I did think this was a pretty cool photo!

The girls' favorite thing we've done lately would probably be the State Fair of Texas. I hadn't been since college, and the girls have been itching to go. We went on a Thursday, which is when you can use homeschool tickets. It's great because it wasn't too crowded. It reminds me a lot of the Houston rodeo, sans the concert and bull riding. There's a lot of animals, artwork, and kid exhibits to go see, and almost all of it is free. 

We were surprised by all of the exotic animals there! It was more like a zoo than a petting zoo.

There's a hands-on kids farm tha…