Catching Up On Fall

We've had lots of fun this fall, so I though I would share some photos!

Going to the arboretum in September/ October is one of our favorites because they set out tons of pumpkins! They have a pumpkin patch and a pumpkin village. The girls love it!

Brendon went on a work trip to Philadelphia and filmed in an aquarium. While we don't love him being away, I did think this was a pretty cool photo!

The girls' favorite thing we've done lately would probably be the State Fair of Texas. I hadn't been since college, and the girls have been itching to go. We went on a Thursday, which is when you can use homeschool tickets. It's great because it wasn't too crowded. It reminds me a lot of the Houston rodeo, sans the concert and bull riding. There's a lot of animals, artwork, and kid exhibits to go see, and almost all of it is free. 

We were surprised by all of the exotic animals there! It was more like a zoo than a petting zoo.

There's a hands-on kids farm that lets kids pick crops, milk a (fake) cow, plant seeds, and sell their items to a market. Then they get play money that they can use to buy a snack. That was definitely a hit!

And I welcomed Mother Goose story time because of the lovely benches where you can sit down for a good half hour and let your kids be entertained.

I let them choose a ride and a fun fair treat. The cotton candy impressed them!

Meanwhile, we've also had a ton of fun playing at home and outdoors. Lilleigh learned to ride on two wheels and is out in the front daily riding her bike! (She normally does wear a helmet...) And Adeline has learned to brake - ha, also an accomplishment!

I made Adeline a big quilt like her sissy, and she loves it! I also made the baby a small quilt, and I tried some new techniques, using free motion quilting, which was definitely a learning curve. I was able to sewing words (!!) and lots of waves... it was hard and definitely not perfect. But I enjoyed it! And it's part of the "homemade by Mom" charm I think. Overall, it looks pretty similar to Adeline's, in terms of fabrics, only I cut out the pinks and just did a lot of blues, yellow, coral, and gray to make it gender neutral.

Adeline has been working super hard on potty training. One day she just decided she was ready, and she had maybe one daytime accident for about three weeks. We've had some regression since then, but overall she's still doing really well. After two weeks of stickers on her potty training chart, I took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese. The charts they have on their website are such a deal (free tokens for basically everything under the sun), and this particular day was also half price game day plus "wear a costume for 50 free tickets" month... you know I love a deal, so we were thrilled about this! 

Adeline has basically remembered 90% of the one million promises I have made to her over the past year to get her potty trained. One was getting to do gymnastics. How cute are these two gymnasts? Sadly, this day did not end well... Adeline only wanted to be in Lilleigh's class, which wasn't doable because there were too many kids that day. So she had a half hour long fit, during which my huge prego self had to carry her sideways on my hip out of gymnastics. Yikes. Thankfully we all recovered from that thanks to a Sonic run. I think Adeline will love gymnastics once she gets brave enough to be in a different group from Lilleigh, but until then, she's okay sitting out of gymnastics and hanging with Momma, which is okay with me!

For Halloween, Lilleigh wanted to be Alice in Wonderland and recruited Adeline to be the Cheshire Cat, which Adeline happily agreed to! These two crack me up. One day Adeline won't be so happy to be Lil's little sidekick, so I'm glad to just let Lilleigh enjoy this while she can.

We hosted our annual Halloween party. We grill hotdogs in the front yard and invite friends and neighbors to come eat and hang out before trick-or-treating.

For the record, I was a gum ball machine, and Brendon was a quarter.

And Halloween always means -- FOUR days till my birthday! So my dad and "Lili M." came up. The girls had a ball. Momma needed a really long nap after they left, but it was super fun having them here!

For the record, sea salt caramel cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory is my new favorite. So yum!


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