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My (Formerly) Moving Tummy

I meant to post this a few weeks ago, before little Lilleigh was born. I just found it entertaining!

She's a Star!

Look at the cute bib my aunt bought Lilleigh! LOVE it!

Her Name

When we were trying to decide on names Brendon had one requirement - that the name have meaning. I, on the other hand, had two more requirements. I wanted a name that A) wasn't popular (because let's face it, my spelling or not, "Ashley" is in the top five names for my age group) and that B) if a girl, ended in -leigh.

Okay so admittedly, only two of the three requirements were met, since "Lilly" (again different spelling) is a trendy name. Still, my name didn't bother me that much growing up - because of the spelling. It made me different. So I caved. I was hooked with the name Lilleigh. Because of the meaning.

The name Lilly means "innocence and purity. But that's not the meaning that got me. Her name comes from the Easter Lily and represents what God has been teaching me over this past year.

At my brother's funeral, the week of Easter 2010, I was struck by the beauty of the Easter Lily, as the Gospel suddenly took on a whole new meanin…

Our Super Bowl Baby

What's more exciting that last week's snow and ice that shut down DFW? And more exciting than the Super Bowl in Dallas? Little Lilleigh!

Lilleigh Austen Lankford was born at 9:02 PM on Super Sunday (2/6). Seven pounds twelve ounces of God's grace! Twenty and a half inches long. And absolutely precious! We loved finding out that baby "Brenleigh" was a girl! I knew it! ;)

Birth story and story behind the name are yet to come. For now here are some pictures.

I'm feeling inspired.

This amazing stenciled ceiling from Not Just a Housewife
Stenciled walls from Domestically Speaking
 Another closet turned office, like the one I posted about here! This one is by Taylor Made.
Valentine Throw Pillow from Ucreate

Snow in Houston?