Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What a fun day!

Dear Lilleigh,

Just wanted to say that I had a lot of fun with you today! This one nap thing isn't so bad! We had a great outing to the mall this morning to meet up with one of our favorite mommy and baby duos. Normally I'd be worrying about how to schedule such an outing around your nap, but not this morning. You were wide awake and ready for an adventure. You even let me pop in a few stores while we were there! From the mall, we went to the mat room, where we played our hearts out with more of your baby friends (and mommy friends). After that, we came home for lunch and a 2 hour 45 minute nap for you! (Who's counting the minutes?) I got a lot done during this time, so thanks for that. Then Daddy surprised us by coming home early before his church meeting. So we went on a walk and hung out with Daddy, Sammy, and the chickens - and brought some eggs to our neighbors. You walked in circles around a cooler on the sidewalk while we talked to our neighbor across the street. It was really cute. But your feet were super dirty after that! So we made sure to give you a good bath after dinner! This evening you played while I put some laundry away, cleaned some dishes, and made the bed in your room, and then you hollered for me to help you get out one of your favorite books, which I took as a sign that you were ready for story time. So we read Goodnight, Gorillawith Sammy before heading to bed. Oh and when I was singing Morning Town to you (your night-night song), you did your usual loud ya-ya-ya-ya-ya that you do when I'm somewhere in the middle of the first verse. I love that. It let's me know you're tired and that you're comfy in my arms. We prayed and I laid you in your crib to sleep. It was a great day!

I just so love our days together. I feel so blessed to be your mommy and to get to be home with you. I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks, B, for working so hard to provide for us!

Momma (and A)

PS For those of your reading this, here's a fun video. It's one of Lil's favorite past times these days.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saying farewell to two naps

Last week was rough as far as naps go -- or didn't go. I figured it was because Lil was just getting back on track from being sick. Every nap was a fight. And they lasted MAYBE 45 minutes. Sometimes 20. And she was a grouch.

Finally a friend suggested Lil may be dropping her second nap. And later a few more mommy friends confirmed this theory. I hear the average age for dropping the second nap is 18 months, and since I consider Lil to be a rockstar sleeper, I didn't see this coming. Not this early. What a sad day! Still one long nap is better than these crazy short ones she was having. So we began experimenting with putting her down later. Sure enough - over the past 3 days she's gone down around 11 or 12 and has slept around 2 hours. And then she's happy! A happy baby makes a happy mommy!

It's sad to have less mommy time but exciting to be able to have more outings! I'm making a mental list of fun things we can now go do! Bittersweet. I am hoping she extends that nap a bit though. :)

Goodbye, two naps! I really am sad to see you go! But excited for the fun times to come!


Well we made it through a year of breast feeding! And I've kinda been dragging my feet on weaning. Yesterday I decided to try skipping a feeding, only it didn't work out so smoothly. Apparently there was a clog, so when I had uncontrollable chills last night, I knew I had mastitis. It was four hours of chills, sweating, vomiting (only once, thank the Lord), head throbbing and achiness. I don't wish to repeat such an episode! It was AWFUL.

Still in the midst of it, I remembered 2 Thessalonians 5:17, "give thanks in all circumstances." I thanked God for the chance to provide this nutrition to my child. For a full year of nursing. For an awesome husband to care for me. And for this happening on a weekend when we had family in town to help with Lil in the morning. (thanks, Grammy!)

Today I'm feeling like my normal self! So thankful!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The hawks lair

Well we found the evil hawkS' lair - er, nest. And yep there are two of them. And where there's a couple, there's babies... Wonderful.

See that nest in the center of the photo? That's it. We thought it would for sure be lower down in the tree, thinking the smaller limbs but would not be able to hold their weight. But it's very high. Crazy!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lil Fabulous

My friend Laura offered to take some toddler pics of Lilleigh. And considering Lil was being a frowny face, I think she did an awesome job!

Visit Laura's site: ra-foto.com
And see more of her fabulous Lilleigh masterpieces here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Problem in Paradise

There is so much I could say to update you all on things here and all that God is doing in my heart. They are sorta one in the same, but they stray at times. Bear with me.

On Sunday after Group Link (church event, where we had Lil in childcare), Lil was a grump. They said Lil had bonked heads with a little boy and just couldn't get over it. Poor thing! These last few Sundays, she's only had one nap because we've only had 2-1/2 hours between church and Group Link, so that's all our schedule has allowed. It's not ideal for her, as she's still going strong on two naps, but she's a trooper! Anyway, we just kinda attributed her fussiness to that. When we got home around 4, she actually took a second nap! Getting her to nap after 3 PM is kinda unheard of, so clearly she was exhausted!

Upon waking up from that nap, she was warm, so we took her temp. 100.8. When we set her in a comfy chair, and she started to slump over, it was clear that she was still super tired! We had dinner, gave her a bath, and put her back in bed. She resisted sleep for awhile. She'd lay on Brendon's chest (Have I mentioned she's a MAJOR daddy's girl at the moment?) or shoulder, but the second he would try to put her down, she'd cry. A mom friend was actually coming over to watch her, so Brendon and I could have date night. Needless to say, we canceled and hung out at home with Lil Lil. We tried to put her in bed at 7 (fed, bathed, nursed, read story all before this), but as I recall she didn't end up in her crib asleep until 8:30. Even then, I thought it was odd that when I looked at the monitored, she had rolled to her tummy, and propped herself up with her knees.

That night her fever broke, but things weren't too different other than that. I had chalked it up to teething (great scapegoat, and probably fairly accurate). She didn't want to nap in her crib, though she'd gladly fall asleep in my arms or her car seat. Seriously, seems like a clingy baby to me! So last night when she refused to sleep, I let her cry for 40 minutes! (Well 20 because then she fell asleep and drifted in and out.) But then she woke up again 45 minutes later - screaming crying! So I went in and held her. She immediately calmed down. I'd try to nurse, but she shook her head that she wasn't hungry. I was at a total loss and on the verge of a melt down myself. Finally Brendon got home from his Dealing with Divorce class (where he serves at church) and relieved us both. (Remember, Daddy's girl.)

That's when I went into the kitchen, sat on the floor, and cried. The last 2-1/2 days have been completely draining. Lil has never been a difficult baby, so why now?? I thought I was supposed to have these sob fests when she was a newborn and not sleeping, not at 1! And through it all, I prayed and prayed. But I hated what God was showing me through all of this - my own selfishness. That I'd rather have just a couple of hours to myself than hold my inconsolable child. (At this point, I still just thought she was being ridiculous and clingy.) Not that alone time is bad, but my heart behind it was ugly. I'm reminded of Philippians 2:3-4,

3 Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; 4 do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. (NASB)
And Ephesians 6:7,

7 Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people (NIV)
My heart hasn't been that of a servant's. And I hate seeing that in myself. I so hate being reminded of my own sin.

Meanwhile, Lilleigh fell asleep on her daddy's shoulder, but again, freaked out when he tried to put her in the crib. After a few times of this, he read her a few books and brought her into our room. I came in there as well. And right as I was thinking, we really have to get some sleep, the light bulb went off. My child was totally happy to read stories with her daddy or to lay on his shoulder or to sleep in any sort of upright or weird position. She just freaked out for diaper changes and sleeping in her crib - anytime she's lying down. Could it be an ear infection? I began to Google. She wasn't rubbing her ears or anything, but that was the first thing that actually made sense. Yep, it checked out. Fever, not wanting to lay down, lots of drainage (teething).

I ran to get our garlic drops. We put them in her ears - with a fight. Then I got a warm wash cloth and placed it over both ears, while Daddy held her still. I'd already given her Tylenol AND Hyland's teething tablets. (Hyland's is homeopathic. Don't worry, I'm not overdosing her!) We turned off the lights, and she started to settle down, propping her head up on us, but still falling asleep. I knew we were bound for a terrible night's rest, with her in our bed, but any sleep sounded glorious at this point. A few minutes later, Brendon got a text from a friend, saying to try Camilia (another homeopathic remedy). This helps teething and ear infections. Soothing, really. So he got on his iPad to see what store would have this in stock and is open at 10:30. Walgreens around the corner. Again, glorious. He quickly got dressed and got in the car. When he got home, we gave Lil some Camilia drops and put her to bed in her crib. She did one quick cry, and then rolled onto her side to sleep. Hallelujah! This was at 11:15. She slept till 7:35, no peeps.

Problem solved. Darn, ear infections! We skipped Bible study this morning, so we could both nap. Rest is a beautiful thing. In fact, I hear her now...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lilleigh's first birthday fiesta!

Saturday was Lilleigh's first birthday party! Fiesta, to be exact. And a fiesta it was!

Here are some party pics!

You can read all about the party over at Thankfully Thrifty!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Lil is 12 months! {That means an end to these sticker photos - Yea!} At one year, Lilleigh is...
  • Walking while holding onto furniture.
  • Pulling up on Mom and Dad's legs and hanging on tight!
  • Nursing four times a day (in 24 hours), and Mom isn't sure about the weaning thing. We'll see.
  • Loves to swing! She actually gets antsy every time she sees a swing in sight.
  • Loves wagon rides.
  • Drinks well from a sippy (though she has for months) and constantly takes Mom's drink with a straw. And she likes milk. (We've been giving her milk for months.)
  • Loves to eat most foods, but especially loves tangerines and bananas.
  • Loves story time.
  • Getting in her first year molars, I'm pretty sure. 
I can hardly believe my little one is a big toddler now! Each age is just so much fun! I feel continually blessed.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A little bit of chaos

Life is just busy and chaotic right now! Not bad. Just chaotic.

Yesterday Lilleigh and I were just off. Bad moods all around. A viscous cycle. Cranky, cranky. And to top it off she cried for 30 minutes when I was putting her to bed. It was sad - for her and mommy. At the end of the night I was ready for a looong break! Being a stay at home mom isn't easy! Not that working is. Just saying staying home isn't the walk in the park I envisioned as a child. Ha! What was I thinking? I'm encouraged by the blog post my friend Samantha wrote in response to my Facebook status about my day.

Today Lil was her sweet self. She even took a long afternoon nap to make up for the day before. I couldn't help but thank God for new beginnings. A new day, after a day like yesterday, just seemed so beautiful. And it was.

But I have to tell you. Not that what came next made the day less of a blessing from the Lord. Or made my heart any less thankful for new beginnings. But well, life continued on... Like I said, Lil took a great nap this afternoon. As I heard her starting to stir, I also heard chickens squawking outside. I finished what I was doing (a minute tops) and ran out the door with Sammy to see what was going on. A hawk was kneeling over Blondie, our new hen! I was horrified. I started screaming and running towards, frantically looking to see what I could throw at it! (SO thankful Lilleigh was not with me!) The hawk flew away and Blondie twitched. Oh it was terrible. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. I can't get that vision out of my head. Oh the horror. I'm traumatized. I don't ever want those sweet chickens to be in such danger again. I shooed Henrietta and Clara Belle into the coop. (Why they weren't there in the first place is beyond me - maybe the squawking was their attempt to scare off the hawk?) Then I ran around searching for Sir. The poor little guy was hiding in the corner of the fence under some shrubs. I scooped him up and put him in the coop. Then I placed an Amazon box and a chair over Blondie, who was now dead, to wait for Brendon to get home. Oh it was the saddest thing... I suppose it's the circle of life. Only natural. But still terrifying.

I wish I had some awesome life lesson to tie these two days up with a bow. I don't. Just thought I'd share about the "excitement" (that's so the wrong word) around here. A little chaos on top of an already crazy week. I have a to-do list a mile long before Lil's birthday party on Saturday! Her first birthday! So exciting! Expect lots of photos to come.

Cousins Weekend

What a fun weekend we had - full of out of town guests! Brendon's cousin Amy and her husband Tim were in town for a wedding, so they stayed with us Friday night and came to lunch with us on Sunday. And since they were in town, Ryan, Tarryn, and Connor come up also. It was so fun to have the cousins (Lilleigh and Connor  -- and Amy!) together!

Snack time of oranges at Lilleigh's (actually Mommy's and before that Mimi's) kiddie table
Bath time fun!
Brendon is a the chicken master.

We went on a long walk on Saturday. And we came back with heavy trash finds. No, we didn't go in search on heavy trash, but when you find a kids easel and a set of drawers in great condition, you can't just not pick them up!
 I've already spray painted (with chalkboard paint) the white board side of the easel. And the drawers are now in our front closet - so much more organized now! Thanks, heavy trash!
PS Can you spy Lilleigh?

The cousins!
Apparently Amy is like Santa. No bueno, according to Lil.

The girls and babies!
It was a fun weekend! Thanks everyone for coming up to visit! We loved it!!