Saying farewell to two naps

Last week was rough as far as naps go -- or didn't go. I figured it was because Lil was just getting back on track from being sick. Every nap was a fight. And they lasted MAYBE 45 minutes. Sometimes 20. And she was a grouch.

Finally a friend suggested Lil may be dropping her second nap. And later a few more mommy friends confirmed this theory. I hear the average age for dropping the second nap is 18 months, and since I consider Lil to be a rockstar sleeper, I didn't see this coming. Not this early. What a sad day! Still one long nap is better than these crazy short ones she was having. So we began experimenting with putting her down later. Sure enough - over the past 3 days she's gone down around 11 or 12 and has slept around 2 hours. And then she's happy! A happy baby makes a happy mommy!

It's sad to have less mommy time but exciting to be able to have more outings! I'm making a mental list of fun things we can now go do! Bittersweet. I am hoping she extends that nap a bit though. :)

Goodbye, two naps! I really am sad to see you go! But excited for the fun times to come!


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