Lil is 12 months! {That means an end to these sticker photos - Yea!} At one year, Lilleigh is...
  • Walking while holding onto furniture.
  • Pulling up on Mom and Dad's legs and hanging on tight!
  • Nursing four times a day (in 24 hours), and Mom isn't sure about the weaning thing. We'll see.
  • Loves to swing! She actually gets antsy every time she sees a swing in sight.
  • Loves wagon rides.
  • Drinks well from a sippy (though she has for months) and constantly takes Mom's drink with a straw. And she likes milk. (We've been giving her milk for months.)
  • Loves to eat most foods, but especially loves tangerines and bananas.
  • Loves story time.
  • Getting in her first year molars, I'm pretty sure. 
I can hardly believe my little one is a big toddler now! Each age is just so much fun! I feel continually blessed.


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