Cousins Weekend

What a fun weekend we had - full of out of town guests! Brendon's cousin Amy and her husband Tim were in town for a wedding, so they stayed with us Friday night and came to lunch with us on Sunday. And since they were in town, Ryan, Tarryn, and Connor come up also. It was so fun to have the cousins (Lilleigh and Connor  -- and Amy!) together!

Snack time of oranges at Lilleigh's (actually Mommy's and before that Mimi's) kiddie table
Bath time fun!
Brendon is a the chicken master.

We went on a long walk on Saturday. And we came back with heavy trash finds. No, we didn't go in search on heavy trash, but when you find a kids easel and a set of drawers in great condition, you can't just not pick them up!
 I've already spray painted (with chalkboard paint) the white board side of the easel. And the drawers are now in our front closet - so much more organized now! Thanks, heavy trash!
PS Can you spy Lilleigh?

The cousins!
Apparently Amy is like Santa. No bueno, according to Lil.

The girls and babies!
It was a fun weekend! Thanks everyone for coming up to visit! We loved it!!


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