Well we made it through a year of breast feeding! And I've kinda been dragging my feet on weaning. Yesterday I decided to try skipping a feeding, only it didn't work out so smoothly. Apparently there was a clog, so when I had uncontrollable chills last night, I knew I had mastitis. It was four hours of chills, sweating, vomiting (only once, thank the Lord), head throbbing and achiness. I don't wish to repeat such an episode! It was AWFUL.

Still in the midst of it, I remembered 2 Thessalonians 5:17, "give thanks in all circumstances." I thanked God for the chance to provide this nutrition to my child. For a full year of nursing. For an awesome husband to care for me. And for this happening on a weekend when we had family in town to help with Lil in the morning. (thanks, Grammy!)

Today I'm feeling like my normal self! So thankful!


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