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Lilleigh is 6!

Happy (late) birthday! You are 6 years old and such a light.
You are such a gem of a big sister. You are constantly helping with Adeline and with baby James. Your siblings adore you. And you are definitely a little momma.
You and Adeline play so well together - most of the time. It blesses me to watch you two pretend together. Tonight in the bathtub you were talking to Adeline in a British accent pretending to be the Queen of Narnia. You make me laugh. You two treat each other like best friends, and I pray that you will two will always have a special friendship.You love being outdoors and in nature. So this year for your birthday party, we had a camping theme. Some of your sweet friends came over for a "drop off" party, and we made smores by the campfire, played games, made necklaces, bounced on the bounce house, and played inside the tent. Of course it turned cold that week, after weeks of warm weather, but no one seemed to mind! 
This year you learned to ride your bi…

James at 2 months!

You're two months! Oh and what a fun month it's been! 
You top the charts at 13 lb 11 oz - 80th percentile - and 24" long - 95th percentile. Oh, and 100th percentile for head size! I'm sure that means you're a genius!
You've started to coo and smile, which have been my favorites of this month for sure. Sometimes after you nurse in the early morning hours you'll smile and get chatty with me. I love getting a few minutes JUST with you! 
You're getting more interactive, and not just with us! You like talking to your animals on the play mat and yourself in the mirror on the mat! You'll bat at toys on there and grab at them.
The drooling and bringing your hands to your mouth has started! Thankfully now they have these cute bandana bibs you can wear, so you're a stylish drool machine.
Another favorite - you're sleeping so much better! You can do 5-7 hour stretches at night. Since you're usually in bed by 8ish, this means you'…