James at 2 months!


You're two months! Oh and what a fun month it's been! 

You top the charts at 13 lb 11 oz - 80th percentile - and 24" long - 95th percentile. Oh, and 100th percentile for head size! I'm sure that means you're a genius!

You've started to coo and smile, which have been my favorites of this month for sure. Sometimes after you nurse in the early morning hours you'll smile and get chatty with me. I love getting a few minutes JUST with you! 

You're getting more interactive, and not just with us! You like talking to your animals on the play mat and yourself in the mirror on the mat! You'll bat at toys on there and grab at them.

The drooling and bringing your hands to your mouth has started! Thankfully now they have these cute bandana bibs you can wear, so you're a stylish drool machine.

Another favorite - you're sleeping so much better! You can do 5-7 hour stretches at night. Since you're usually in bed by 8ish, this means you're still getting up in the middle of the night and then again at 5/6, but I'll take it. I bet you'll make great strides this next month too! 

Currently I'm praying we figure out this bedtime routine thing because we usually start at 6:30 when you're acting tired, but most of the time you don't actually let me put you down for another hour... sometimes two. But we will get there. ...and actually since writing that a few days ago we've progressed to going down at 7:15, and hopefully staying down, though if you do go down then, you get up an hour later to nurse... slowly but surely we getting there.

During the day, you are pretty consistent about three naps, though you'll do more if your schedule get thrown off (i.e. If we are on the go, etc). Overall you're up about 50-60 minutes at a time. Then off to sleep. I try to put you down for naps in the pack n play in my closet. We had guests this month, and you spent a lot of time in there. You slept great! It's dark and insulated from all the noise of your crazy sisters, no wonder! 

You like the ergo okay... I love it because it supports my back by distributing your weight to my hips. But you don't love not being able to face out. So I borrowed a friend's ktan, and you seem pretty happy to be able to face out when you aren't ready to nap! For that reason, you also love the stroller!

We went to the zoo this month, our whole family. Adeline loved jumping in the double stroller with you. She adores you! 

Both of your sisters are still constantly asking to hold you. Mom and dad are still smitten by you. And Sammy knows you are now hers to protect also. The other night she came to let me know you were crying in your crib. 

You've had lots of visitors this month! Pappy and Marla, Tita and GG, Mimi, and Grammy. And you had your first babysitter - Eden! And thankfully you were a gem for her when she watched you and the girls. I think she will come back!

We love you sweet boy! 

PS Thank you for taking a bottle like a champ! Mwah


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