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Little Boy on the Mooooove {9 months}

Time is flying! And with little mister on the move, Momma feels her head spinning... just a bit!

James-y Boo is 9 months old. He started army crawling the week before he turned 8 months. Then about two weeks later, he started legit crawling. He also figured out how to go from laying down to sitting, and now he is pulling up - on everything! And he can walk along the side of things while holding on. Ohmywerd. If I felt busy before, sheesh.

He loves cords, outlets, and Sammy's water bowl... sooooo needless to say, he is being watched constantly. And he's gotten MANY hand slaps. He seems to be slooooowly getting the message. We do now have a pack n play set up in the living room with toys in it. Brendon has named this "baby prison." James doesn't love it as much as we do.

James also eats everything. Food or not. The girls now have to keep their craft table immaculate. Working on getting them there. James has now eaten Play-Doh and many scraps of paper. Plus leaves f…

Adeline at age 4!

I've been trying to think about what to share about Adeline, and somehow whenever I do these yearly posts, things don't come as clearly as posting monthly about a baby's milestones. Soooo I'm going to try to capture Adeline at age 4 in my notes below!

Sweet thing is spunky. She will make a sweet comment or intriguing observation out of left field. Yet then she will also throw herself on the ground in a fit of frustration and tears before you can even look at her sideways. She keeps us on our toes! For sure. Adeline loves to play outside! She adores playing with her big sis and neighbor friends, but sometimes in the mornings are around lunch, she will disappear to go swing or bike ride by herself. Girlfriend loves the outdoors in whatever form it is.I think we've finally gotten to a sweet point with Adeline not waking up during the night. (Or at least these past two weeks...) BUT now Lilleigh is...Adeline loves to do things "by [her]self". I actually love i…