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Camping and Pumpkins

This past weekend we went camping with friends to Eisenhower State Park just an hour north of us. It was nice to be someplace so close! And so pretty! It actually had a beach on the lake!

And on Monday we went with two other friends (Allie & Shepherd and Katy & Maddie) to a pumpkin patch in Richardson! I was delighted to find a pumpkin patch so close! (Most are faaaar, which means little ones sleep on the way home and mom misses nap time. Not cool.) On top of being close, it's a pretty good price - for $6, we were able to go into the pumpkin patch, choose a small pumpkin, feed the goats, and go on a little hay ride. Plus there's also animals to see, a fun maze, jungle gym, and pumpkin field to run through. The kids thought this was very fun! Moms too!

As for our little family, we are hanging in there. I met with a friend this morning who went through a miscarriage last year and she directed me to a few Psalms. So this afternoon during nap time, I spent some time read…

Glory Baby

Just a little update. Physically, I am feeling better. Still, a bit bleh, but that's 20x better than Monday afternoon. Emotionally though, I have been all over the map. Yesterday I felt fine, but then today was a cry fest. And having walked the road of grief before, I am sure there will be many days like that. It seems to come in waves.
But through all of this I have felt God's love so much. Thanks, sweet friends, for being His hands and feet - for bringing us meals, grabbing me a chai tea latte from Starbucks, picking up Lil for a play date, serving for me in nursery, sending sweet emails and texts, the list goes on... I'm so so thankful for each of you.
A friend sent me this song called "Glory Baby" by Watermark. The song is so simple and so beautiful. I can't wait to see and hold my sweet little baby one day in heaven.

On another note, our Lil baby has been sick this afternoon with a fever bug - just feeling crummy and hot. I rocked her to sleep tonight…

Missing Tummy Baby

Today our sweet little Tummy Baby would have been 8 weeks old. We took this photo last week.

We hadn't post this on Facebook or the blog, yet though we had told most of our friends and family.

Today we lost Tummy Baby. It started with some bleeding, but since it was light, my midwife was hopeful and asked me to come in for a sonogram. Sadly, all that was on the screen was an empty sack, which measured 4 weeks, not 8. Since the likelihood of our dates being 4 weeks off was minimal, we assumed miscarriage. I went ahead and had blood work done, just in case. But the bleeding picked up shortly after that appointment.

Our sweet friends were watching Lil for us this morning while we went to the appointment and afterwards while Brendon and I went and sat at Starbucks to process everything that had just happened.

Like I said, we weren't really secretive about this, other than blog and Facebook worlds. I know some people think this scenario would be a nightmare, having told all of you…

Lilleigh at 20 months!

Sweet girl is becoming a big girl before my eyes! Here's Lil this month --
She wants to drink from a big girl cup (no straw or spout or even lid). We compromised on a mini travel coffee cup from Starbucks. It has a lid but allows her to tilt it the way Mom and Dad do. She is sleeping in her big girl bed and napping like a champ! She has started to say her name and use it in mini sentences. "Lilleigh milk." You have to hand it to her - the girl has a hard name for a child to say! So many L's! She has started calling herself a "big girl" - so sweet! Katy and I have been doing our own mom-version of MDO. We trade off taking the girls on Tuesday mornings and take turns planning and teaching them a little lesson too. We've been working on letters. We've done A-D. It's so fun to see the girls pick up on the things we teach them! I introduced them to the letter B and wrote it on a big piece of butcher paper with a crayon. Lil took one look at it and kep…