Lilleigh at 20 months!

Sweet girl is becoming a big girl before my eyes! Here's Lil this month --
  • She wants to drink from a big girl cup (no straw or spout or even lid). We compromised on a mini travel coffee cup from Starbucks. It has a lid but allows her to tilt it the way Mom and Dad do. 
  • She is sleeping in her big girl bed and napping like a champ! 
  • She has started to say her name and use it in mini sentences. "Lilleigh milk." You have to hand it to her - the girl has a hard name for a child to say! So many L's!
  • She has started calling herself a "big girl" - so sweet! 
  • Katy and I have been doing our own mom-version of MDO. We trade off taking the girls on Tuesday mornings and take turns planning and teaching them a little lesson too. We've been working on letters. We've done A-D. It's so fun to see the girls pick up on the things we teach them! I introduced them to the letter B and wrote it on a big piece of butcher paper with a crayon. Lil took one look at it and kept saying "bbba." Precious! And my favorite is that Lil knows C is for Cousin and Connor. And when I ask who her cousin is, she says Connor!
  • We have also been working on our colors and shapes and naming them as we see them. Lil first discovered the color pink and the shape star! In the last week, we have really picked up the pace with colors. She now pretty consistently knows pink, blue, green, and sometimes red. 
  • She now asks for music when we are in the car.
  • Bugs in too close proximity have nearly brought her to tears.
  • Two weeks ago, I was getting Lil's dinner ready in the kitchen when I suddenly sneezed. I heard a little voice say "bless you." I kid you not. So cute! And now she says "bless you" in response to anyone's sneeze! It's so fun to see the little things the pick up on.
  • Lil has been going to the bathroom on the potty more often. She has maybe half the signs of being "ready" (according to Baby Whisperer) to potty train. Def not all of them. But apparently before the 50's, pretty much everyone was potty trained by 12-18 months. So I think we are going to try soon! It might sound crazy, but keep in mind that we cloth diaper! ;) I don't expect this to be a walk in the park, but I'm hopeful! We'll see. 
Going to the potty is much more motivating when you have a friend.

Eating peanut butter and apples.

Homeschool with Maddie - The letter B and play dough

We found this old school Fisher-Price barn and silo at a garage sale! Collectors item and fun toy!

Another great garage sale find! Thanks, Mimi!

Lil went to a friend's birthday party at a gymnastics place. Soo fun! Lots of mats, ball pits, trampolines, and such to crawl, jump, and run around on.

And lounging on Sammy. Besties. Melt my heart.

Happy 20 months, Lil babe!


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