Sunday, November 27, 2011

Visiting Santa

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did. It was busy, as always! And as always, I forgot to take pics. Oops! Here is this awesome photo of my siblings and me that I found while visiting though.

Three wild Indians and a turkey! Circa 2002?

Just before we left though, SMom and I took Morgan and Lilleigh to see Santa. We got to Mem City Mall at 8:55 AM, just 5 minutes before Santa opened for photos. We were the first - and only - people there! At first Santa's helpers were having some camera issues, so we had lots of time with Santa. Lil checked him out from afar, and he played peek-a-boo with her. Morgan got to sit on his lap and look at his reindeer book with him. I got tons of photos of Morgan on my iPhone, but by the time it was Lil's turn, they made me put my phone up. Darn! Despite the way it looks, she actually did like Santa... she loved the feel of his red velvet coat. And all was well... until Mom walked away... then it was NOT okay. And of course, the photogs were sloooow in photo taking, so the unhappy photo is the only souveneir we have. Still a classic!

Photos to document the occasion...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Comments!

I love your comments! And I love getting emails with your comments too! To make it easier, I changed up the comment form to "Disqus" (Thanks to my friend, Katie) to make it easier to comment. Now it's super easy to comment even if you don't have an account with Blogger! Anyone can comment!

Go ahead, try to comment on this post.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ooooh Ornaments!

There's some motivation to crawl!

For the record, those are salt and pepper shakers that look like ornaments. Brendon's aunt gave them to us a few years ago. They are not breakable.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lilleigh at 9 Months!

This photos just give you a glimpse as to how active Lilleigh is!

Lilleigh at nine months...
  • LOVES solids and eating them all by herself. She even refuses to let Momma feed her, though she did let me give her pureed strawberries earlier. Those are just tasty though!
  • And on the solid front, she's pretty much eaten everything not processed so far - so egg yolk, grains, veggies, fruits, and meat. We'll probably still continue to avoid processed foods as much as possible, but then again Mom and Dad would like to do that too.
  • Peek-a-boo is her favorite game! 
  • ALMOST crawling. (Remember that army crawl happened after her 9-month-birthday.)
  • Wearing size 9 and 12 month clothing... the 12 month clothing is really just for her big bottom cloth diapers. :)
  • Still some sleep disruptions, though it is getting much better. Last night she woke up at 3 and refused to go back to sleep until I fed her at 3:30, but over the weekend, she slept straight through the night both nights. (Though our friends' kids that were staying with us woke up both nights...)
  • Her personality is coming out more. I'd say she's very happy and pretty content and laid back, meaning not super strong-willed, aside from her unwillingness to take a bottle.
  • Napping is a gift of hers. She usually naps 9-11 AM and 1-3 PM, give or take. Yea, Lil!
  • Still props her head up on her bumper pad to watch out the door to see if Mom or Dad will come rescue her.
  • Lil was sick a lot this month! Tummy bug, cold, pink eye, cough, some weird fever/rash virus... but thankfully she's well and thriving now!
What I love about Lil this month...
  • Her laugh when I tickle her.
  • Her semi-toothy grin... five teeth have broken through, which equates to two almost-full teeth and three nubs. 
  • The way she loves playing the piano with Daddy.
  • That she knows Momma means me! 
  • Her efficient nursing! This has been for a couple months now, but after those first several months of looong feedings, I'm still thankful for how efficient she now is.
  • Her peek-a-boos.
  • How she scoots backwards and in circles... almost crawling! She even backs herself into corners.
  • Her napping expertise.
  • That she is finally getting big enough and her hair full/long enough for me to put a headband on her head without her looking silly. Yea hair accessories!
And a Mom update... I wanted to lose the rest of my baby weight by my birthday, which pretty much coincided with Lil's 9-month-birthday. "Nine months on, nine months off." Well that proved true for me! YEA! Last time I weighed myself, I had two pounds left... not sure that even counts. As far as I'm concerned the baby weight is gone!! I had been worried I wouldn't get the weight off before having baby #2, in which case it may never come off, but thankfully I did! Phew!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Army Crawl!

For the last two months I've been thinking "Lilleigh is going to crawl any day!" But little did I know that the progression of crawling is a long one.... First there's sitting up and leaning over on the arms. Then there's the little bounce on the arms as they try to balance. Meanwhile there's also the rolling from back to front and spending more time on the tummy and eventually pushing up from their tummy with their arms. Eventually they push their way backwards (knees down). And then they move by reaching their arms to the side... causing them to move in circles. And the knees may start coming up some. And then FINALLY the army crawl. Later the normal crawl. Quite the ordeal!

Lilleigh's first army crawl...

We don't have hardwoods. We were visiting a friend. So it may be a few days more before we see this sort of progress at home on our carpet. As you can imagine, crawling on carpet is a bit more difficult.

PS 9 month photos are coming... they're just late...

Monday, November 7, 2011

This and That

Well it was a wonderful birthday! Brendon was working on the Right Now conference all week, but Friday was the last day. So all of the Right Now conference staffers had a big breakfast. Lil and I went as his guests. :) Then my sweet daddio came up and took us to The Cheesecake Factory Friday night and then also to Square Burger in downtown McKinney on Saturday. {Have I mentioned that I looove downtown McKinney? I'll have to save that for another post.} And of course, Lilleigh was a sweet little angel for both of our outings. Her good behavior tells me she likes eating out in restaurants. :)

Then the next night my sweet friend Randi and her hubby and baby hosted us for another birthday dinner. Stellar best friend, right? And beforehand, we took family photos of them. That was actually part of McKinley's first birthday gift - first year photos - and we just now got around to it. It was just so hot in August...

I think the photos turned out pretty great! And as you can see, we had them take a couple of us for our Christmas card this year.

Thanks also for the words of encouragement from so many of you. A lot of you have already figured it out, but I didn't want to say anything on my blog until it was public knowledge. Sweet Randi was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple weeks ago. Doctors are optimistic, but it will still be a long road ahead. Randi and Matt never fail to amaze me. Their faith in the Lord is stronger than ever. I'm so thankful to live life with them. I can't wait to see how God uses their story to impact His kingdom. Keep up with their journey through their blog: Treasures in Heaven.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

So how'd we sleep?

Well, Lil woke up at 3 AM. A vast improvement from the 11 PM and 2 AM she had been doing. (That's in addition to her early morning feeding around 4:30-5:30 AM, which I consider normal and sleeping through the night.)

So at 3 AM, Brendon went in there and laid on the bed beside her crib. (And when he went in there, I set my phone alarm to go off in 15 minutes, knowing if she was still crying that I'd go in and nurse her.) She wouldn't calm down, but then about a minute before my phone alarm went off, there was silence. Turns out Brendon had picked her up and decided to rock her. She calmed down. Every so often she'd get squirmy, but he'd talk to her, pray with her, and do the shushing sound. (Shushing is good... comforting I guess. Sorta like white noise.) I don't think that lasted long because she did fall back asleep. He put her back in her crib and laid in the bed beside it.

She woke up a couple of other times, and I'd hear a brief cry, followed by a shushing sound. Brendon didn't pick her up again. But he'd reach his arm into her crib to scratch her back and let her know he was there. And shush.

Lil woke up again at 5, so I went in to feed her.

I think we followed the doctor's instructions decently well. And it accomplished the goal, which is good! So here's the hoping she will begin to sleep through the night again!

I should also note that if you're a parent wanting to try this with your baby, our pediatrician said he really thought object permanence was the issue partially because when she cries in the middle of the night, she calms down almost immediately when we walk in the room. If she were hungry, she'd continue being frantic. That does NOT mean that if we were to walk in her room and she calmed down before realizing she wasn't going to get picked up or nursed, only to cry again, that she's hungry. That's an object permanence thing, according to our pedi.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lil Almost-9-Month Pedi Appointment Update!

Just got back from the pediatrician! Despite the fact that Lil is 4 days shy of 9 months (CRAZY!), since we went prior to 9 months, it's technically her 8-month well baby check. Whatev.

Before we get to all the fun pediatrician stuff. I should tell you about our morning. I planned to leave Bible study early this morning in order to get Lil home in time to have an early lunch and nap. And to hope she fell for that trick. I moved everything up by an hour. (Naps are a must. They keep MOM sane.) Keep in mind also that Lilleigh refused to take a morning nap this morning. (I'll explain that part later.) Basically this morning, she slept all of 10 minutes. Great start to my planned out day. Missing morning nap is always a ticket for trouble.

So I left Bible study early. I was on the elevators going downstairs to walk over to childcare, when I heard two staffers talking...

Man: How's it going over there day today?

Woman: I've actually been over here looking for a mom whose baby won't stop crying. She's not answering her phone, and we can't find her.

Great. You know how this is going to end right? I wasn't sure if I should hang my head and walk quickly away or make a joke... I mean surely she wasn't talking about Lilleigh right? They hardly ever call a parent, so that child must really be screaming... 

I jumped in the convo, laughing, Oh no, I hope that's not my child!

The lady quickly turned around, What's your name? 



Shooooot. Yes...
I'm the mother of the crying baby. The one who doesn't answer her phone when child care calls. Oops. :) 

Back to the appointment...

Her stats:
28.5 inches long - 85th percentile TALL baby! (Not my genes...)
18 lbs exactly - 38%
17.75 head circumference - 83%

And our doctor had some advice for getting Lil to sleep through the night again. He thinks he issue is that on top of building new skills (near crawling, etc), she's discovered object permanence.

Weren't paying attention in developmental psychology when your prof went over that term? Let me break it down. Object Permanence: When Mom and Dad leave the room, Lil has connected the dots that we are still around. Still in the house. AND that if she cries, we will come back. So a little cause and effect also.

This makes sense because she has recently started pushing down her crib bumper and peeking out over the top, looking out the door for us to walk by. Then if she sees us, she starts crying and won't stop. She actually might cry even if she doesn't see us. She just knows. So there have been several naps where she's cried herself to sleep lately. And then we've found her asleep on the crib bumper. Whatcha gonna do?

So the solution to this object-permanence-wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night issue? Dr Naidoo (our awesome pediatrician) says to go in but not nurse her (shame on me for doing that... I missed the boat that I was supposed to stop that long ago) and to lay on the bed we have in there. We aren't to communicate with her. But just lay there, so she knows we are there and is comforted. I'm expecting a fight, since she's used to getting nursed. (Grrr bad mommy habit) He said not to let her cry more than 15 minutes and then to nurse if she's still crying. I'm expecting to have to do this for several nights. But Dr Naidoo seems to think that after awhile of this, she'll stop. Fingers crossed...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Birthday Wish List

It's almost my birthday!!
Here are a few things on my wish list that I've been eying.

Bday 2011 Wish List

TOMS leopard shoes
$54 - OtterBox Universal Defender Case for iPhone 4 (Red...
$25 -   -- I don't really want this iPhone case. It's not cute. BUT friends say it's toddler proof, which is a must. So OtterBox it is! Unless Brendon researches and finds something better...

Apple iPhone 4S   -- Hoping some stores get them in stock soon since my contract is up! Hubby's jobi s to track one down. :)

Erin Condren : 2011-12 life planner -candy lace [PLN12-11] - $50.00  -- My momma bought me this! Not that I know that...

I love birthdays! 

What's on your wish list at the moment?