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Well it was a wonderful birthday! Brendon was working on the Right Now conference all week, but Friday was the last day. So all of the Right Now conference staffers had a big breakfast. Lil and I went as his guests. :) Then my sweet daddio came up and took us to The Cheesecake Factory Friday night and then also to Square Burger in downtown McKinney on Saturday. {Have I mentioned that I looove downtown McKinney? I'll have to save that for another post.} And of course, Lilleigh was a sweet little angel for both of our outings. Her good behavior tells me she likes eating out in restaurants. :)

Then the next night my sweet friend Randi and her hubby and baby hosted us for another birthday dinner. Stellar best friend, right? And beforehand, we took family photos of them. That was actually part of McKinley's first birthday gift - first year photos - and we just now got around to it. It was just so hot in August...

I think the photos turned out pretty great! And as you can see, we had them take a couple of us for our Christmas card this year.

Thanks also for the words of encouragement from so many of you. A lot of you have already figured it out, but I didn't want to say anything on my blog until it was public knowledge. Sweet Randi was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple weeks ago. Doctors are optimistic, but it will still be a long road ahead. Randi and Matt never fail to amaze me. Their faith in the Lord is stronger than ever. I'm so thankful to live life with them. I can't wait to see how God uses their story to impact His kingdom. Keep up with their journey through their blog: Treasures in Heaven.


  1. what a fun time!! glad you had a great birthday! yay for your sweet girl being so good when going out to eat and about...hoping our little gal is the same way! ;)

    Will pray for your dear friend and her sweet family!


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