My Birthday Wish List

It's almost my birthday!!
Here are a few things on my wish list that I've been eying.

Bday 2011 Wish List

TOMS leopard shoes
$54 - OtterBox Universal Defender Case for iPhone 4 (Red...
$25 -   -- I don't really want this iPhone case. It's not cute. BUT friends say it's toddler proof, which is a must. So OtterBox it is! Unless Brendon researches and finds something better...

Apple iPhone 4S   -- Hoping some stores get them in stock soon since my contract is up! Hubby's jobi s to track one down. :)

Erin Condren : 2011-12 life planner -candy lace [PLN12-11] - $50.00  -- My momma bought me this! Not that I know that...

I love birthdays! 

What's on your wish list at the moment?


  1. happy early birthday!! Hubby just got an otterbox for his's bulky but PERFECT to keep from damages! I would highly recommend it if you're looking to "toddler-proof" your phone. :)

    My contract is up too and there are no iPhone 4s to be found around here either...word is the newest iPhone will come out this summer--it will be 4G--the iPhone 4s isn't. Justin's Droid is 4G and there is a HUGE difference in it's speed over my 3G iPhone. Just something to think about before jumping in.

    Hope you get everything on your wish list! :)


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