Lilleigh at 9 Months!

This photos just give you a glimpse as to how active Lilleigh is!

Lilleigh at nine months...
  • LOVES solids and eating them all by herself. She even refuses to let Momma feed her, though she did let me give her pureed strawberries earlier. Those are just tasty though!
  • And on the solid front, she's pretty much eaten everything not processed so far - so egg yolk, grains, veggies, fruits, and meat. We'll probably still continue to avoid processed foods as much as possible, but then again Mom and Dad would like to do that too.
  • Peek-a-boo is her favorite game! 
  • ALMOST crawling. (Remember that army crawl happened after her 9-month-birthday.)
  • Wearing size 9 and 12 month clothing... the 12 month clothing is really just for her big bottom cloth diapers. :)
  • Still some sleep disruptions, though it is getting much better. Last night she woke up at 3 and refused to go back to sleep until I fed her at 3:30, but over the weekend, she slept straight through the night both nights. (Though our friends' kids that were staying with us woke up both nights...)
  • Her personality is coming out more. I'd say she's very happy and pretty content and laid back, meaning not super strong-willed, aside from her unwillingness to take a bottle.
  • Napping is a gift of hers. She usually naps 9-11 AM and 1-3 PM, give or take. Yea, Lil!
  • Still props her head up on her bumper pad to watch out the door to see if Mom or Dad will come rescue her.
  • Lil was sick a lot this month! Tummy bug, cold, pink eye, cough, some weird fever/rash virus... but thankfully she's well and thriving now!
What I love about Lil this month...
  • Her laugh when I tickle her.
  • Her semi-toothy grin... five teeth have broken through, which equates to two almost-full teeth and three nubs. 
  • The way she loves playing the piano with Daddy.
  • That she knows Momma means me! 
  • Her efficient nursing! This has been for a couple months now, but after those first several months of looong feedings, I'm still thankful for how efficient she now is.
  • Her peek-a-boos.
  • How she scoots backwards and in circles... almost crawling! She even backs herself into corners.
  • Her napping expertise.
  • That she is finally getting big enough and her hair full/long enough for me to put a headband on her head without her looking silly. Yea hair accessories!
And a Mom update... I wanted to lose the rest of my baby weight by my birthday, which pretty much coincided with Lil's 9-month-birthday. "Nine months on, nine months off." Well that proved true for me! YEA! Last time I weighed myself, I had two pounds left... not sure that even counts. As far as I'm concerned the baby weight is gone!! I had been worried I wouldn't get the weight off before having baby #2, in which case it may never come off, but thankfully I did! Phew!


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