Army Crawl!

For the last two months I've been thinking "Lilleigh is going to crawl any day!" But little did I know that the progression of crawling is a long one.... First there's sitting up and leaning over on the arms. Then there's the little bounce on the arms as they try to balance. Meanwhile there's also the rolling from back to front and spending more time on the tummy and eventually pushing up from their tummy with their arms. Eventually they push their way backwards (knees down). And then they move by reaching their arms to the side... causing them to move in circles. And the knees may start coming up some. And then FINALLY the army crawl. Later the normal crawl. Quite the ordeal!

Lilleigh's first army crawl...

We don't have hardwoods. We were visiting a friend. So it may be a few days more before we see this sort of progress at home on our carpet. As you can imagine, crawling on carpet is a bit more difficult.

PS 9 month photos are coming... they're just late...


  1. So fun! I felt the same way when I thought Sophie was going to crawl. "ANY day now!" I thought she almost had it, but it wasn't until months later that she finally army-crawled. And later crawled for real. Those milestones are so amazing to witness.

  2. I cried when Grey crawled. I wasn't expecting to react like that. Got a little misty. Such a fun thing to be apart of their little milestones :)

  3. I do love the milestones! Katie, you crack me up! :)


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