Visiting Santa

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did. It was busy, as always! And as always, I forgot to take pics. Oops! Here is this awesome photo of my siblings and me that I found while visiting though.

Three wild Indians and a turkey! Circa 2002?

Just before we left though, SMom and I took Morgan and Lilleigh to see Santa. We got to Mem City Mall at 8:55 AM, just 5 minutes before Santa opened for photos. We were the first - and only - people there! At first Santa's helpers were having some camera issues, so we had lots of time with Santa. Lil checked him out from afar, and he played peek-a-boo with her. Morgan got to sit on his lap and look at his reindeer book with him. I got tons of photos of Morgan on my iPhone, but by the time it was Lil's turn, they made me put my phone up. Darn! Despite the way it looks, she actually did like Santa... she loved the feel of his red velvet coat. And all was well... until Mom walked away... then it was NOT okay. And of course, the photogs were sloooow in photo taking, so the unhappy photo is the only souveneir we have. Still a classic!

Photos to document the occasion...


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