March {in photos}

Playing in the sprinklers.
Lilleigh at horseback riding lessons.

American Girl horses from our neighbor. 
8 years and 8 balloons.
Brendon and the girls camping in the backyard.
Starting our butterfly garden.
Adeline and her friends walking to class at PATH.

Making pies with Tita. 

Friendships and Answered Prayers

I'm grateful. I keep trying to think of something clever or cute or sweet to start this post, but these are the words that come to mind. The Lord has continually provided me with sweet friendships throughout my life, and I am grateful.

This season, the anniversary and birthday of my brother, always makes me reflect on friendships. I had a few sweet friends drive in from Dallas to be with my in Houston after Austen died. And I had many of my Houston friends, from growing up, show up to help and comfort and off condolences. Not to mention, many of Austen's friends were my friends, and my friends, his friends. Regardless, I was in awe at how the Lord prompted these sweet friends in their words, their actions, their showing up, when we needed them.

In the months before Austen died, I had been in a season of desperation and loneliness. I was 25 years old and in my third and final year of graduate school. I had graduated from SMU three years prior and gotten married. Going into grad…

Peanut butter and jelly

As an adult, your spouse is typically referred to as your other half. And rightly so. My husband brings out the best in me, and His walk with the Lord encourages me. Sometimes I still can't believe I get to be his wife. My other half he is. Because I can't imagine who I would be today without the example of my husband.

And yet, growing up, and for more than half of my life, I had a different other half. There was rarely a time growing up that our names were said apart. It was always "Ashleigh and Austen." Peanut butter and jelly. You just don't have one without the other. I think this is the case so often with siblings, we are truly raised "together."

When Austen died, I felt lost. Our family is staggered in sibling pairs. Everyone has their "other half." I lost half of my life's file catalog. He was there, on every card. And he had cards in his file with my name on them. This isn't a perfect analogy. But I felt like half of my being fel…

Lately {in pictures}

Totally out of order, but you don’t mind, do you? 
The girls now feel pretty strongly about the chocolate piñata at Uncle Julio’s being a birthday tradition with Pappy. And Pappy can’t disappoint. 

Lilleigh started horseback riding. Her first lesson was last week, and she loooves it! 

We went to the zoo. I love this close up of Lilleigh feeding the giraffe!

Silly girlies are really into drawing mustaches on their faces. 

Brendon got them fairy gardens for Valentines. Thoughtful daddy. It’s a bright spot in our yard!

This guy stands in his stall and stares at our house all day, waiting for someone to come give him treats. Not kidding.

Grammy came up to help last month when Brendon was gone on a work trip. I always appreciate the extra set of hands! And this photo is from inside a Costco sauna. Because we need to make sure we all fit. Amiright?


Look who’s talking

This sweet guy is 14 months, and he is changing so much, I couldn’t miss a time to write about him! 
James has some words, sounds, signs... communication! His most commonly used words are Momma and dada. He also makes a “woof woof” and “mmm-mah” (kiss) sound. Tonight he signed “more” and then kept telling me “up” to pick him up. He has said “ni, ni” (night night) once, so not a usual thing but still. The other day we went to feed Alfala, the horse out back, and he said “Alfal.” TWO different ocassions actually. Jaw drop. After his mom and Dad, his first name was the horse out back. Ha! He really looooves animals! 

Like I said, he loves animals. So I thought James would be all about the zoo. He liked it fine. I bet when Mom lets him and out of the stroller to run around, he will like it better!
At PATH the first three weeks I struggled to get him to nap. Lots of crying babies and not enough separate rooms for the ones who want to sleep (ie James). But then I found a “secret” dark room bac…

Country-ish Life So Far

Well we’ve been in the country-ish now for a month and a half. Here are some observations and things we are loving.
Our mail lady gave us a Christmas card. ❤️ How sweet is that?We had many new neighbors came to greet us, and most all of them brought us something! We got homemade cinnamon rolls, Danish butter cookies, cinnamon pecans, and some other little treats. So kind! School zones are 40 MPH. This just makes me laugh. The high school is huge, sprawled out over a ton of land, and it is across the street from a big field. Lots of openness. One night we opened the door one night to smell a skunk. And we now have tomato juice on hand, per the suggestion of neighbors… “just in case.” Because at some point your dog WILL learn not to mess with skunks. 😆We can always hear a rooster crowing when we open the door. It’s charming. The other morning there was a hot air balloon sailing by outside our kitchen window. How fun is that? AND in the evening, this same window always has the most amazi…

A year flew by in the blink of an eye

Sweet James,
You’re just over a year! We’ve had your birthday, Christmas, and New Years. I am so incredibly thankful for the gift God has given us in you. 
In the last few days, you have started to walk, just a few steps at a time. Today you did many steps together. You’re so proud of yourself and so over crawling. 
With this new skill, as with every new skill you’ve picked up (and every tooth!), you’ve majorly sleep regressed- to the point of waking every 2-3 hours. 😫 I blame it on walking and those molars! Momma is tired, buddy! (Grandparents, I encourage your prayers for sleep!) I will say though that I have appreciated your morning naps, as it’s given me time to work with your sisters on school, so thanks for that! 😉
You love animals, showers or baths, and being outside. You love to pet Sammy and Alfala, the horse the lives behind us. You love playing in the bath with your sisters or sitting and playing with toys in the shower with Mom or Dad. And being outside is your absolute favo…