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Lately {in pictures}

Totally out of order, but you don’t mind, do you? 
The girls now feel pretty strongly about the chocolate piñata at Uncle Julio’s being a birthday tradition with Pappy. And Pappy can’t disappoint. 

Lilleigh started horseback riding. Her first lesson was last week, and she loooves it! 

We went to the zoo. I love this close up of Lilleigh feeding the giraffe!

Silly girlies are really into drawing mustaches on their faces. 

Brendon got them fairy gardens for Valentines. Thoughtful daddy. It’s a bright spot in our yard!

This guy stands in his stall and stares at our house all day, waiting for someone to come give him treats. Not kidding.

Grammy came up to help last month when Brendon was gone on a work trip. I always appreciate the extra set of hands! And this photo is from inside a Costco sauna. Because we need to make sure we all fit. Amiright?


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