Saturday, September 16, 2017

Adeline at age 4!

I've been trying to think about what to share about Adeline, and somehow whenever I do these yearly posts, things don't come as clearly as posting monthly about a baby's milestones. Soooo I'm going to try to capture Adeline at age 4 in my notes below!

  • Sweet thing is spunky. She will make a sweet comment or intriguing observation out of left field. Yet then she will also throw herself on the ground in a fit of frustration and tears before you can even look at her sideways. She keeps us on our toes! For sure. 
  • Adeline loves to play outside! She adores playing with her big sis and neighbor friends, but sometimes in the mornings are around lunch, she will disappear to go swing or bike ride by herself. Girlfriend loves the outdoors in whatever form it is.
  • I think we've finally gotten to a sweet point with Adeline not waking up during the night. (Or at least these past two weeks...) BUT now Lilleigh is...
  • Adeline loves to do things "by [her]self". I actually love it. Now that we have James, whatever the girls can do on their own is super welcome by me. :) Sometimes water ends up on the floor. And most of the time shoes are on the wrong feet or clothes are backwards, but hey she got dressed without my help! Works for me.
  • This girl loves to write and draw. In the last year she has started drawing legs and arms on her people. They're no longer just cirlces/ heads. :) 
  • Addie and Lilleigh LOOOOVE their American Girl dolls! Love them. They play with their American Girl dolls together, and it's so sweet to hear them speak in their high pitch voices and play pretend. Warms my heart. 
  • She's very insistent on "reading." She wants to do all the things big sis is doing in school.
  • Speaking of school, I get a lot of questions about how I do school for each of them. Honestly we do a lot together! We do PreMath-It with dominoes, and both will participate. Sometimes I have Lil work on Singapore math (workbook), and Adeline will work on her own workbook (just for fun - tracing, mazes, matching). Reading stuff we all do together. Adeline obviously is not learning to read yet (that's just not how we roll), but she wants to be a part of the games we do and any practice, so I welcome her. Science is mainly nature, which she of course loves. And we read aloud a ton - pretty much daily for history, for sweet childhood stories, and for answers to all of the girls' many questions. All this to say, the majority of our schooling is pretty easy to accommodate teaching both! I'm thankful for where we are at now with all of this.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Adeline turned 4!!

Adeline turned 4 this past week, and we have been celebrating! We had a birthday party and a birthday lunch at Grimaldis as a family. Tita and Morgan came up last weekend; Pappy, this weekend; and Grammy, this coming week! 

(I'm seeing this post just now published, but I first tried to publish it several days ago, hence the timing that doesn't quite line up. 🙄)

I'll have to do an update of Adeline at age 4 later, but for now, here are some celebration photos! 


Friday, August 18, 2017

Jamesy Boo 8 Months

Jamesy boo just turned 8 months! Time is flying by, and I am reminded of this each time I turn around to find him across the room from where I put him. Oh my! Keeping momma on her toes for sure. 

This month James started army crawling, and is working on a legit crawl. He can also get himself from flat on his belly to sitting up. 

Just yesterday I saw him try to pull himself up using the kids bench that goes to the craft table. Unfortunately the bench toppled over on him though, which he wasn't too happy about. 

We did have a super unfortunate finger casualty this month. James wanted to be held, and the girls wanted something cut. I picked up James and pushed his arm out of the way before cutting. Of course, he reached his little hands right back in the way right as I cut. So the tip of his index finger was chopped. Ugh. It's healed back amazingly, but even still, it was quite traumatizing for momma! But bottom line: He is fine. Brendon reminds me that won't be our last trip to the ER. Ay.

That said, he's into everything. And while the girls still constantly want to hold him, they're started to get a little agitated about him being in their stuff. Yesterday (before the bench incident) the girls were playing with their Calico Critters in the front room, and the second I sat James down to play with them, they packed up alllllll their stuff and left the room. 🙄

This month James got his third tooth in. Apparently getting two teeth and 4-1/2 months was a lot of work because then he took a break for 3-1/2 months. 

He's sleeping better and longer at night! Hallelujah! Sometimes from 7:30 to 5:30. All the praise hands! 

James eats A TON. The boy loves his solids! Egg/ banana pancake, avocado, berries, chicken, taco meat, sweet potato... lots of yummy variety! 

He's growing like a champ. I bought him the cutest and softest skinny jeans the other day, and after washing them, Brendon looked at them and said, "Do you seriously think his thighs are going to fit into those?" Ha. Good point.

That's all for now. We are so thankful for our James! 


Adeline's 4 year post is yet to come! 



Thursday, July 20, 2017

James at 7 months


James, you are such a ray of sunshine. I appreciate your happy disposition and go with the flow attitude. I'm thankful each day for you. I love getting to sit and just rock you to sleep.

Highlights from this month include: sink baths, baby food pouches (on the run), your first trip on an airplane and to a different state. You are almost crawling. You fully sit up by yourself. And you love playing in the water. Swimming and sink baths are probably your favorite activities.

Sleep is still a dream for momma. You were letting me give you a dream feed and then you'd sleep till sunlight. Now you've decided to wake up a couple of times in between, and mom is tired. We need to work on that. 

We had a mishap yesterday that wound us at urgent care. You decided to check out what momma was cutting. And mom should've known better. The very tip top of your index finger got cut off. Oh I've never felt so terrible. I love you, little buddy. The doctor said you're going to be okay, and apparently this happens a lot. I can't tell you how many people have told me that actually. It does make me feel a little better. Your daddy says it's only the first of many trips to urgent care/ ER for us now that we have a boy.

You're a special little guy, and I'm thankful. 



Monday, July 17, 2017

Colorado, part 2

We left Carbondale and went to Breckenridge, where we spent a couple days to ourselves before Pappy and the girls met up with us.

Some of our friends were there at the same time, so we met up with them at an old train museum/ playground.

And we roamed the streets of Breckenridge.


Adeline managed to lock herself in a bathroom when the girls were playing hide and seek. That was an adventure! But Lilleigh slid Monopoly money under the door to keep Adeline entertained during the half hour (!!) it took for us to get her out!


When Pappy and the girls got there, we went up on the mountain to do the trampoline, the Alpine slide, the maze, etc. The girls had a blast!



And one night Pappy offered to take all five girls to dinner while Brendon, James, and I had a date night! That was amazing! And it sounds like he got quite the Adeline experience too. Lots of emotions and tears.


We had to take pics of he chipmunks! Because chipmunks.



Then we all moved to the Vail Four Seasons, which was amazing. If we had been in a hotel like that for a month last summer, I may not have ever left. Dreamy.