Country-ish Life So Far

 Well we’ve been in the country-ish now for a month and a half. Here are some observations and things we are loving.
  1. Our mail lady gave us a Christmas card. ❤️ How sweet is that?
  2. We had many new neighbors came to greet us, and most all of them brought us something! We got homemade cinnamon rolls, Danish butter cookies, cinnamon pecans, and some other little treats. So kind! 
  3. School zones are 40 MPH. This just makes me laugh. The high school is huge, sprawled out over a ton of land, and it is across the street from a big field. Lots of openness. 
  4. One night we opened the door one night to smell a skunk. And we now have tomato juice on hand, per the suggestion of neighbors… “just in case.” Because at some point your dog WILL learn not to mess with skunks. 😆
  5. We can always hear a rooster crowing when we open the door. It’s charming. 
  6. The other morning there was a hot air balloon sailing by outside our kitchen window. How fun is that? AND in the evening, this same window always has the most amazing view of the sunset!
  7. We have a horse named Alfala that lives behind us. Actually we have a few nearby, but he’s the one that greets us. I think this set up is the greatest thing ever because my horse-loving girl can get her fill, and we don’t have to own him! I also think we are probably the best thing that has happened to Alfala in a long time. He really loves our apple cores and carrots that we feed him!
  8. It’s much colder and windier in the country. Lots of open expanse! 
  9. Sammy has a lot of room to run! We have a horse fence on two sides and a neighbor’s invisible fence on the other side and nothing across the front. It’s hilarious seeing the neighbor dogs come right up to the invisible fence with their hair sticking up, not daring to cross it. And Sammy has taken note of the border and for the most part minds it. 
  10. Not specific to living in the country, but we have a 14 YO girl that lives next door. This is amazing for babysitting! We love having such a convenient babysitter! 


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