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A few weekends ago, we enjoyed a staycation at the Four Seasons Las Colinas. Brendon's family came up to join in the fun!

35 Weeks Pregnant

We are reaching the final stretch!! And although I really don't love the newborn phase (just being real) and am a little nervous for the two kids transition, I am so ready to meet Adeline and to not be pregnant anymore!! I really am a happy pregnant person, but as you get bigger, things just become more challenging... the bruises on the inside of my tummy (from her kicking), not being able to bend over, getting out of breath after a very short walk, etc... I love being pregnant. The last part is just a little tough. But enough of that.
Here's a photo of me 35 weeks pregnant with Adeline.

Up until now I haven't had much of a pregnancy craving with Adeline. But these last few weeks, I've found my snack of choice. Fresh blueberries, frozen! YUM. Seriously amazing. You should run out and grab blueberries right now. Take them home and rinse them, spread them on a cookie sheet, and place them in the freezer to freeze individually. Then after a few hours, they are ready. If …

Happy birthday Brendon!

Brendon turned 29 on the 10th! His dad Larry and his sister Meredith came up for a quick visit to celebrate, take him for a birthday trip to Lowe's, cook an amazing dinner for us, and spend the night before leaving early the next morning! It was a short trip but so fun to have them!

And lastly, this photo is not from Brendon's birthday but from Cow Appreciation Day at Chickfila... You dress as cows and get free food. Lil kept her eye on that cow! And the death grip on Mom.

Happy 6 years to us!

It's been six sweet years that we have been married! Lilleigh and I had a little cupcake date to Sprinkles on Friday afternoon before our Sunday anniversary. We went to grab an anniversary cupcake, though of course she and I shared a cupcake too.

We celebrated by going to the Melting Pot while our sweet friend Audrey babysat Lilleigh. It was all delicious, but naturally, the dessert was the best part! Brownies, angel food cake, apples, and more dipped in bananas foster chocolate! Yum!

As always, I made Brendon a Shutterfly book of our year, and he made me a video! Love it. Next year though he really must get someone else to film, so he can be in it. It is so fun to see Lilleigh change each year though! See last year's here. And this year's below.

Summer 2013 from James Lankford on Vimeo.

Happy 4th of July!

Well we totally skipped out on fireworks this year, but we did enjoy a fun parade in downtown McKinney with friends in the morning and yummy hotdogs from The Local Yocal (our favorite farm to market store!) afterwards. Yum! Everything about the food was amazing. Lil was a little disappointed about not seeing drums in the parade. (What was up with that??) But I think being with her two sweet friends made up for it!

Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth!

Lost Pines!

Last weekend we met up with SMom, Wayne, and crew for a fun long weekend at Hyatt Lost Pines, near Austin!

On our way, we stopped in Waco to see the Baylor bears and to meet up with our high school friend Kaitlyn.

Once we got to Lost Pines, we enjoyed floating in the lazy river, where Lilleigh floated right with us in her floaties. It was the first time (in 3 summers!) that we have used floaties. I really didn't want her to be too confident in the water, but since her swimming is getting better and we would be at a resort, I figured this would be a great time to get those out. She loved the independence of course!

Sadly I don't think I have water pics... didn't really want to bring the iPhone out around the water. Can you blame me? But Lilleigh also enjoyed the water slide!

Other fun things we did include roasting s'mores (Adeline loved them. Lilleigh too - it was her first one!), feeding and petting animals (ponies, alpacas, donkeys, and a longhorn), and doing crafts.