Happy birthday Brendon!

Brendon turned 29 on the 10th! His dad Larry and his sister Meredith came up for a quick visit to celebrate, take him for a birthday trip to Lowe's, cook an amazing dinner for us, and spend the night before leaving early the next morning! It was a short trip but so fun to have them!

Aunt MerMer let Lilleigh paint her nail and finger.


Also yum, in a different way.

She couldn't wait to get the cake!

Smile and you get cookie cake!

Sweet fam

Brendon with Larry and Meredith

And lastly, this photo is not from Brendon's birthday but from Cow Appreciation Day at Chickfila... You dress as cows and get free food. Lil kept her eye on that cow! And the death grip on Mom.


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