Happy 4th of July!

Well we totally skipped out on fireworks this year, but we did enjoy a fun parade in downtown McKinney with friends in the morning and yummy hotdogs from The Local Yocal (our favorite farm to market store!) afterwards. Yum! Everything about the food was amazing. Lil was a little disappointed about not seeing drums in the parade. (What was up with that??) But I think being with her two sweet friends made up for it!

We really love this farm to market store!

Testing out our new Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight with friend Ava! I really love this stroller! Lilleigh loves being able to sit or stand on the back, and I love how light and easy it is to maneuver. (Full review on other blog to come!)

Riding the horse at Local Yocal

The parade

Ava, Lilleigh, and McKinley at the parade

Amy and I are both majorly prego, and this funny mirror makes us look huuuge! Haha! She is due in September, so it will be fun to both have our second itty bitties together!

Lilleigh and McKinley getting into things they shouldn't at the Widemans' store, Bear Market, on the square!
Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth!


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