Lost Pines!

Last weekend we met up with SMom, Wayne, and crew for a fun long weekend at Hyatt Lost Pines, near Austin!

On our way, we stopped in Waco to see the Baylor bears and to meet up with our high school friend Kaitlyn.

The bears were napping in their cool caves.

Lil's "sic em" clearly needs some work.

Ashleigh with Kaitlyn and her baby girl Hadley

Once we got to Lost Pines, we enjoyed floating in the lazy river, where Lilleigh floated right with us in her floaties. It was the first time (in 3 summers!) that we have used floaties. I really didn't want her to be too confident in the water, but since her swimming is getting better and we would be at a resort, I figured this would be a great time to get those out. She loved the independence of course!

Sadly I don't think I have water pics... didn't really want to bring the iPhone out around the water. Can you blame me? But Lilleigh also enjoyed the water slide!

Other fun things we did include roasting s'mores (Adeline loved them. Lilleigh too - it was her first one!), feeding and petting animals (ponies, alpacas, donkeys, and a longhorn), and doing crafts.

Lilleigh eating her first s'more! Worth the wait!

Brendon roasting his s'more with the other kiddos.

"Aunt" Morgan on Wayne's shoulders, and Lilleigh on Brendon's

Lilleigh was so proud to ride the longhorn! Yes, that is real.

Playing by the river

Our princesses

Feeding the pony

Anabelle's version of taking a family photo is taking a selfie with family in the background. P.S. We made buttons at craft time, hence the one with "Adeline" and an arrow to my tummy!

Movie stars

An alpaca right before it spit green yuckiness in a girl's face. If you ever see one, they are nice, but be sure to only pet their necks!

Quality time with siblings

I love these two. ...Btw, look at that bump!

Lil loves them!


  1. Such fun! So glad you got to see Kait, too! Your bump is beautiful :)


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