35 Weeks Pregnant

We are reaching the final stretch!! And although I really don't love the newborn phase (just being real) and am a little nervous for the two kids transition, I am so ready to meet Adeline and to not be pregnant anymore!! I really am a happy pregnant person, but as you get bigger, things just become more challenging... the bruises on the inside of my tummy (from her kicking), not being able to bend over, getting out of breath after a very short walk, etc... I love being pregnant. The last part is just a little tough. But enough of that.

Here's a photo of me 35 weeks pregnant with Adeline.

Up until now I haven't had much of a pregnancy craving with Adeline. But these last few weeks, I've found my snack of choice. Fresh blueberries, frozen! YUM. Seriously amazing. You should run out and grab blueberries right now. Take them home and rinse them, spread them on a cookie sheet, and place them in the freezer to freeze individually. Then after a few hours, they are ready. If I were home right now, I'd totally be grabbing them by the handful.

I am also loving watermelon lemonade! Recipe here.

Other things of note...
  • I know being pregnant in the summer is supposed to be miserable, but really Texas summers are pretty miserable in themselves. (That said, this one has been better than most... we had a week of high 80's/ low 90's.) Anyway, though I'm sure my body temp is higher than everyone else's, it just feels plan Texas summer hot to me. 
  • Where the heat gets me though is with exhaustion. When you're 35 weeks and entertaining/ chasing/ talking to a toddler all day, you are already exhausted. Add the heat and I need to crawl in bed for hours. And I pretty much do. When Lilleigh naps, I nap.
  • That said, I am napping everyday. Some days I can get by with an hour, but usually it's two. And let me just say, I need my nap. On days when I haven't had one, it hasn't been pretty. Hormones central. I now take naps everyday.
  • And I am thankful to have maids coming often! It's so necessary. And a wonderful gift! (Thanks parents!)
  • I'm almost afraid to say this, but at this point I've gained less weight than I did with Lilleigh. Not by much but some for sure. That said, we will see if that lasts. The weight gain has picked up a bit since I haven't been able to work out lately... I stopped working out around 30 weeks. I still wanted to, but honestly I was just too exhausted whenever Lilleigh was asleep. Lilleigh naps, I nap.
Happy Friday!


  1. Get ready, cuz when that second one arrives, its a big difference. its comforting to know that I already know what to do with a baby, but its hard to nap because one or the other is always awake...best of luck!!!


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