Happy 6 years to us!

It's been six sweet years that we have been married! Lilleigh and I had a little cupcake date to Sprinkles on Friday afternoon before our Sunday anniversary. We went to grab an anniversary cupcake, though of course she and I shared a cupcake too.

She was busy eating.

A strawberry cupcake to remember our wedding, where we had strawberry cupcakes! Since hubs made me throw away our actual wedding cake last year (yep, saved it 5 years), a cupcake was completely necessary!

We celebrated by going to the Melting Pot while our sweet friend Audrey babysat Lilleigh. It was all delicious, but naturally, the dessert was the best part! Brownies, angel food cake, apples, and more dipped in bananas foster chocolate! Yum!

Note to photographers - Always take photos a little above the subjects, not below... oh well!
As always, I made Brendon a Shutterfly book of our year, and he made me a video! Love it. Next year though he really must get someone else to film, so he can be in it. It is so fun to see Lilleigh change each year though! See last year's here. And this year's below.

Summer 2013 from James Lankford on Vimeo.


  1. What a sweet way to capture the year! His videos are great!!


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