Christmas 2010 Recap

Our Christmas was wonderful!! I hope yours was also! Here are some pictures to show our eventful holiday! Lots of parents and family to see!

 Christmas Eve SMom and Wayne have a party, and Santa was there!
The first picture is of us with Santa. And the second is my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and my new nephew Connor with Santa!

My step-brother Alex came up to me with a ball under his shirt and said, "Look! I look like you!"

Christmas morning, wearing our sisters pajamas

My dad got the baby a Denver Broncos jersey!

My dad loves to give scratch-off lottery tickets in our stockings. William won $7! I won $22! And Anabelle won none.

Christmas Dinner at Val's house

And of course, we made our rounds to each house over a period of several days. We took lots of pictures along the way - 380-something to be exact!! These are just the best! 

This might be our last Christmas in Houston for awhile, as we want to start our own traditions with our kids. But one of my favorite traditions we've done in my family is our Christmas Eve trip to the Galleria. It's great people watching, as shoppers scurry about to finish their shopping! Plus my dad gives us $100 that we have to spend in that two hours before lunch. Also a fun task! This year I made the most of my $100, as usual. Thriftiness! I bought...
  • The medium "Flutes and Pearls" Wilton Armetale serving tray. It was 40% off at Macy's! I love Wilton Armetale because all of the serving dishes are not only cute, but they can also go in the oven or freezer!

  • A white crossover short-sleeved maternity tee from Gap. (No picture) It was $5!
  • A star tee from Gap. $4! Their maternity sale items were an additional 40% off! This tee is so comfy and has quickly become a favorite. It already has a stain... in the works of getting it out. Fingers crossed! And by the way, it's way cuter on than in the picture... this woman looks sickly skinny for being a maternity model... just saying. For a better picture, see the Denver Broncos photo above... I'm wearing it!

  • A blush colored v-neck empire waist top. Not the color shown below, but you get the idea. I'm actually wearing it in the pictures above with Santa and with my step-brother.

I hope your Christmas was merry also!! What's your favorite Christmas tradition?


  1. It was so great seeing you - hope you enjoy reading the books :) Favorite tradition: going to the farm. Blessings to you in 2011!

  2. Looks like a great time! Love your picks for the $100...what a fun tradition! One of my favorites is our "Dollar Gift" tradition at my grandparents'. I love to see what I can get people for $5 or so...guess that's the thriftiness coming out in me too! :)


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