Things I Am Tired of Hearing...

I have really loved being pregnant. Sure there are a few annoyances, but over all I can't complain. This baby is just such a gift from God! What is there to complain about?

That said, sometimes people still say things that are hurtful or just rude... I mean what are they thinking?? Here are a few I am tired of hearing.
  • In December, I got a lot of "When are you due?" And when I say February 4th, I got some sort of smirk and "Oh I thought you were for sure having a Christmas baby!" Really? Really? I'm thinking you've never seen a woman 9/10 months pregnant.
  • And thankfully I've only gotten two of these, but still two too many... "Are you sure you aren't having twins?" Seriously? Yes, I'm sure. Two things: 1. Do you see my size? I was 104 lb and almost 5'3" prior to this baby... where else do you think the baby should go? And 2. Surely it occurred to you that you just called me fat... thanks.
  • Or when I say we are waiting to find out the sex of the baby, I often get "That's fun! I'm too type-A to do that." This isn't offensive or rude, so don't think I'm saying that... It's just annoying. I'm way type-A, the typical first born child. I don't think us not finding out the gender has to do with personality type. I think it's just more that both Brendon and I have seen how special waiting to find out has been for some of our friends and family and wanted to experience that also. Plus as we always say, "If God wanted us to know, He would have told us." Don't worry - that's definitely said jokingly! I do respect that people want to know! I totally get wanting to do go all out in the baby room with pink or blue ...especially with the pink! I just get tired of hearing of the type-A thing as the reason.
I'm sure I could think of others, but these are the core three.

On the other hand, I did hear a very wise comment from a man one day... So I was chatting it up with a police officer. (No ticket involved... just a nice guy.) And he said, "When are you due? I learned long ago to never guess when a woman is due. It seemed to be offensive. So I always just ask." Smart man!

Okay moms or pregnant ladies, what were/are you tired of hearing??


  1. Love your honesty! ;) I can only imagine how annoying comments can be during pregnancy!

  2. I feel your pain!! The one pet peeve I've had so far is people telling me what I "don't need to be doing" while pregnant. I have a very nosey neighbor who, when I do see her, is always getting onto me about things I shouldn't be doing. Thanks..but I'll listen to my doctor on what I should/shouldn't be doing while pregnant! Thank goodness the weather has been cold and I haven't seen that woman much at all!!!

  3. I'd have to agree with the comments you said that bother you. The most offensive thing someone said to me while pregnant was this: "Man, you have really gained a lot of weight in your back. I mean, some women, you can't tell from behind that they are pregnant. But YOU have REALLY gained there!" Said by Ryan's great aunt at Thanksgiving. Funny thing is, when I told Ryan and his parents, they disagreed that I had gained much at all in my back. I don't know why people say those things.

  4. I just re-read my post, and I didn't mean that I agree WITH those comments people made about you. I mean, I agree with you that those comments are hurtful. Just wanted to clarify!

  5. Yes! My cousin said something about me looking so much bigger since Christmas... to which my only response is that I've only gained 2 lbs since then! And who says that anyway?
    And haha don't worry I knew what you meant!

  6. So true.....

    I remember some hurtful comments about names. Everyone knew what our name would be if we had a boy names(and got some hurtful comments). So, when we found out we were having a girl, we kept it to ourselves. I didn't want anyone to tell me they didn't like her middle name (so special to me since I named her after my mom).

    Hang in there....pregnancy is beautiful. It could be worse, you could get the, when are you due (and not be pregnant)...oh, that would be the worst.

    Of course, now we get all the time, are you having another baby? Um, that's kind of personal. Hate that question. I always reply with the standard, "we're content". I always think to myself how horrible would that be for someone to be asked and they are having a hard time getting pregnant.

    People should think before talking. :-)

  7. Mine was the opposite of you people would constantly say "You're so small are you sure you're really x weeks/months?!" Nicer than you're so big, but it got old. Like telling me I was so small was supposed to make me feel less pregnant. And yes I was really x weeks/months.

  8. Just wait till the next time you're pregnant. Everyone will ask you, "Are you done?" If you get pregnant another time, they will all ask, "Don't you know what causes this? Hardy har har." I mean, OBVIOUSLY I DO.


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