The Nursery

I know some of you have asked, so here it is! The nursery.

Just a little note first... I decided to wait to make the Texas flag Pottery Barn painting until I know the gender. If the baby's a boy, I definitely want to still make it! But if it's a girl, I'm really loving our pink and green glider cushions, so I may mix in some more pink and green. And of course, with a boy, I would make new cushion covers for the glider. Either way, I have some more decorating to do! I do love projects!

Okay now for the photos. Here's the nursery, thus far.

And the closet...

Our baby already has quite the book and toy collection!

And as you can see, we have lots of rubber ducky pajamas! We even got four of one - but all in different sizes! You'd think our friends coordinated that! 
You can also see that others of our friends have guessed at the baby's gender... some pink, some blue. It makes it so fun!

Think we have enough diapers?

While I do plan to use cloth for the most part, I'm not going to attempt that the first little bit, hence all the disposables! We also have several smaller packages of different sizes - 1, 2, 3... not just newborn. Great for babysitters and running around town!

And here's our cloth diaper stash so far...


  1. Everything looks great! You will have to let us all know how the cloth diapers work for you once you start using them regularly! I want to use them as well..but probably not right at the beginning because of the whole umbilical cord issue.

  2. yay for baby's room!!!!! where did you get your cloth diapers? we are thinking about this as an option too!

  3. Hey Venessa! I got four new BumGenius 4.0's from the Cotton Babies Seconds Sale, which only happens once or twice a year I believe. It's their sale for any new BG's that have minor defects. The rest I bought off of Craigslist and bought replenisher kits ($1 each) from Cotton Babies for any elastic and laundry tab repairs. Altogether I've only spent $75 on 11 BG's! 11 should be close to $200 if bought new.

    And the gDiapers I put on our BabiesRUs registry because I knew we'd be more likely to get them if people could purchase them at BRU. I'm excited to try them! These ones come in different sizes though, rather than just one size like BG. So they aren't as cost-effective. But people can get them for you as gifts or you can use gift cards on them - both of which I like! Plus I think you may need less covers with gDiapers because unlike BG's, the gCovers take longer to get dirty... when you have both in front of you, you'll see what I'm talking about. :)

  4. The nursery looks great! I am right with you if we decided to cloth diaper...starting out with disposables. There is just too much to get used to at the beginning to worry about extra loads of laundry (at least in my opinion). My twin nieces have the little seahorse and LOVE it! I also have a friend at work whose little girl adores her seahorse. So good choice on that one! :D Have you seen the closet dividers that hang on the bar of the closet to separate the various sizes of clothing? Last question...was there already a bed in there and you all worked around it, or was that a special addition to that room for the nursery?

    Love the color of the furniture, too!

  5. Thanks!!! Cait, I love all the questions!! And your questions remind me that I never responded to Melanie... I've never heard of umbilical cord issues with cloth diapers. What are you referring to? I know people who start right away. I'm just not sure I want to try to master that task as a first time mommmy! :)

    The seahorse is supposed to be wonderful! I am excited about it. My nephew seems to like it as well.

    Good thought on the closet dividers. I think as the baby gets more clothes, I will probably do that actually. We just don't have enough right now to worry about that, as we still have some drawer space and all. But good thought. I can't believe in all of my nesting that I forgot about those! :)

    And yes, the bed was in there before. Well actually a queen bed was in there, and the full was in another room. But we switched them to have a little extra space. We didn't want to completely get rid of it, since all of our fam lives 4 hours away. There have been many times when having two beds has been nice. So we'll prob keep both at least until baby #2. :)

  6. Love the glider ... mom had that fabric in her living room (shabby chic) before she moved back from texas and completely redecorated.

    and also, as a lifetime babysitter I am incredible thankful for your suggestion that disposables be saved for sitters...i have what i consider horror stories.

  7. The baby disposable diapers have a cut out if I'm remembering right so it doesn't rub against the umbilical cord. My daughter's took forever to completely fall off.


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