Adeline is two weeks!

Adeline is two weeks! Of course, it seems like she's been around way longer too many! My days are loooong. And I feel like I've spent an eternity staring at her. In a fabulous way. She's a sweet babe!

Here are some photos my friend Kim took of Adeline! 

The first week Brendon took off to spend just the 4 of us! Then this last week began the mom rotation. RMom was here. Lilleigh enjoyed time with Mimi, and I loved getting to have a Lilleigh-Mommy date!

Lilleigh has adjusted really well. She looooves her little sissy and totally takes ownership! (In a totally healthy way.) There are lots of hugs and kisses to baby A, as well as sharing her toys. It'll be fun once they can actually play together!

As for Adeline, its fun to observe her and predict her personality. She's only two weeks, so I could be totally off, but here's what I see... 
  • She's very patient. Adeline will let me know when she's hungry, and then she allows me a few moments to finish with Lilleigh and get it together to nurse. 
  • She loves to be held. Does this mean she will be cuddly and love touch? Brendon hopes.
  • She's warm-natured and loooves to be hot! Walking outside in 100+ degree heat is her thing. She sleeps best out there. Bizarre to her mommy who needs a fan blowing on her to even entertain the idea of sleep.
  • She gets the hiccups like they are going out of style. At least 2-3x day! This is fine unless its in the middle of the night after Mom has fed her and is about to put her back in her bouncy seat... Because hiccups mean she wants to nurse again, and so we start over...
  • Though she loves being wrapped in the miracle blanket, she does not need her arms to be wrapped in with her. Her big sis could not handle being unswaddled in the least. It's kinda nice to be able to do the lazy swaddle. Relaxed girl?  
  • Mom has had caffeine 2x now, and thank goodness Adeline doesn't seem affected. Hallelujah! How else does one survive a newborn and toddler?

As for sleep, Adeline allows me 2-3 hour increments of sleep at night usually. She doesn't really care for the flat open space of the Moses basket. (Glad it's borrowed!) She prefers to lay next to Mom, but since she is loud and therefore usually kicked out of bed, she sleeps in either the boppy or her bouncy seat, the latter which is located in our bathroom where we can't hear her constant noises.

When Adeline was born, she was 7 lb 6 oz. She dropped to 7 lb by Sunday, which is normal. At two weeks, she was 8 lb 2 oz! This girl is an excellent nurser, great latch, and very efficient. Her weight proved what I already knew. Dr Naidoo was impressed. The rest of our two week appointment went well also!

Okay that's all for now! Pray for Mom to get sleep. :)


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