Nesting: Master

Okay so confession, this is really going to be photos of half the master. I'm still wanting to do a painting project with our dresser (NOT before Adeline. Ha. That would be crazy. But when I have my brain back and it's cooler out), and we have a little corner of clutter... birth center bags and Lil's bag, a bin of maternity/ post-maternity/ nursing clothes, and a Moses basket, which is waiting until we move the dresser a bit for it's new home. Still, I've totally been meaning to post pics since Randi rearranged our house, so here are a few more! The living room was rearranged and gained the glider from our room and lost the chaise lounge... I'm sorta embarrassed to post these pics because I am kinda terrible about figuring out lighting with windows and the iPhone camera (or any camera for that matter). I know there's all kinds of stuff with f-stop and ISO, but I don't really understand that stuff. (Send any simple suggestions my way!) Anywho, here's what our room now looks like...

The main changes...
  • Moving the glider to the living room and putting the chaise in its spot. 
  • Taking away Brendon's bedside table and putting in this bookshelf. (We have too many books! This bookshelf allowed us to consolidate and not have one in Adeline's room.) 
  • Adding a wall lamp next to Brendon's side of the bed.
  • Coming soon - A wall lamp next to my side of the bed to replace the lamp on the bedside table. Just waiting for hubs to do that since I'm not great at hanging something that needs multiple screws in the wall.
  • And rearranging a few pics. 
I will say that I am loving this new set up!! I use the chaise all the time in our room, and I'm sure I will use it a lot nursing as well. I just love to sit there and read before bed. It's a cozy little nook.

So what happened to that matching side table?

It found its perfect home in the hallway! (Again, sorry about lighting on this pic. It was WAAAAY too dark without the light on.) I set it out there just briefly while we were moving things around, and I liked it so much there that it stayed. I think it's a good look. And it also gives me a place to set Lil's laundry, etc, while she is sleeping and I'm getting things done around the house.

Above the night stand is a little art work wall. I'd love to find an old farm house window with just 2 sections (rather than 6 or 9) and put chicken wire behind it to clip her work to. Just haven't made it that far yet! I'm open to other suggestions though for how to make this a cute art work area if you have them!

Okay that's all for now. You've now seen the living room, kitchen, Adeline's room, the master, and hallway! Still to come... Lil's room and front room... as soon as they're clean enough for photos! ;) Thanks for stopping in!


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