Lilleigh at 2-1/2

At 2-1/2 Lilleigh is so easy and so much fun! It's hard to believe we are about to start over with #2! So many feelings on that! It's been so fun getting to play with Lilleigh and love on her, while at the same time give her more responsibility and independence. I say this all the time, but the older she gets, the more fun we have together.

She's had a few funny quotes lately...

At bedtime one night when Mimi and her little dog Pierre were in town...
Lil: Do animals have to obey God?
Brendon: Yes. Remember the whale in Jonah? He obeyed God by swallowing Jonah.
Lil: Can He tell Pierre to stop barking?

Today a friend, clearly trying to lift my spirits at 38.5 weeks pregnant, said to me: You look great.
Lilleigh, in her princess dress: Do I look great?


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