38/ 39 Weeks!

SURELY we are almost there! And I'm trying it all to get her out! That false labor gave me false hope I think. But for now, I am holding onto what could be false hope that she will arrive before her due date! Really though her due date is sneaking up on us -- Thankfully! So even waiting till her due date doesn't seem so bad at this point.

I've been exhausted, achy (back and legs), and creaky (joints). Apparently our house is freezing too, or so I've been told by the numbers on our electric bill and everyone who comes in our house... even my child who is never cold has been saying we live in a cold house! Ha! All this to say, I am getting antsy and desperate to meet Adeline! The reality is though that I have so much to be thankful for! So today I made a list. Here are a few things that made the list...

I am thankful for...
  • A healthy and smooth pregnancy. No GD or GBS. Healthy weight gain, actually less than last time. No abnormalities that have shown up. Great sonograms.
  • My body, which can get pregnant and carry a baby to term.
  • A positive birth experience with Lilleigh, which assures me that my body can deliver this baby just as God created it to do. 
  • My sweet husband who sees this time when I'm hugely pregnant and exhausted as a time that he can love me and serve me.
  • The chiropractor and prenatal massages. Just what my back needs.
  • Awesome midwives, whose care I feel confident to be in.
Okay there's way more I could say, but just thought I'd share a few. I really am so thankful and it's easy to lose track of all that God has provided when all I can do is look ahead. So I am choosing to be thankful!

And for some photos...

When you're this pregnant, it's funny to look at your reflection in a building window as you walk by and think, "Oh wow I didn't realize my tummy was that big." Awesome feeling. And then I was too embarrassed to take a real photo, so I did a casual, "Oh I'm just looking at my iPhone... hum dee hum..." as I walked by and snapped this.

Here's another tummy shot.

Nothing like that false labor I had a week and a half ago to get Mom to install Adeline's car seat in the car.

Lilleigh and I enjoyed a little donut date one morning. I figured I should take advantage of precious time with her to go on a special Mommy and Lilleigh outing!

SMom/ Tita and Morgan came up also for a little visit. Lilleigh was glad to have a playmate!


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