37 Weeks!

At 37 weeks, I finished the guest room/ nursery. I'm pretty sure with Lilleigh, I had this done months before. But it's amazing the things you don't worry about with the second! This round, I know that anything not done before Adeline's arrival really can be done after. Eventually I will have energy again, and until I do, things can wait.

Here are some guest room/ nursery photos --

I bought 6 lanterns off our Facebook swap site for $8.

The gold dot wall decals are from Etsy. They were around $30, but I overbought on accident. Really it would've been closer to $20 I think. I also bought new bedding, but that was completely necessary anyway. It was inexpensive, from Home Goods (love), but I'm considering that from nesting fund, not nursery fund. :)

Don't mind the terrible lighting. I don't really know how to take photos well when there's a window obstacle. Turning lights on looked funky too. But here you get an idea of room lay out. And I made the curtains out of some fabric we had. They are my first pair to actually make well! Why do I have such a hard time with straight lines? Ha

I wasn't going to do a changing table at first, but since it fit in the closet, I figured might as well! It's so much easier to change a diaper at this height, rather than bed height!

Super excited to have that done! I wanted to have something cute and cheery. (It was super drab before.) But I also want to be able to easily keep the room a guest room. My friend Katie helped me a lot with decorations, and I'm so thankful for all of her ideas! I pretty much followed them to a T.

This past weekend Brendon and I got a date night with free childcare! A nearby church was offering childcare free as part of the marriage ministry. Naturally we snatched up that opportunity!

And I just thought this photo was so cute! Lilleigh at our church childcare, holding onto the rope with her friends, as they head to the playground. We are pretty involved with programs and with serving at church, so she gets to go to childcare a couple of times a week usually and loves it!

Herding cats :)

This week my dad also came up for a quick trip. It was great to spend time with him. Lilleigh loooved having him hear, and insisted that only Pappy put her in and took her out of her car seat! So he got a lesson in how to properly put a toddler in her car seat. He's a pro now. He also came with us to my midwife appointment and loved getting a glimpse of the birth center.

It's a miracle! I told Lilleigh to say "cheese" and look at me, and she actually did it!

Yummy cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory! S'more and banana cream!

Lil devouring the s'more cheesecake! She's a chocolate girl!

As for my 37 week appointment, I did not have them do a cervical check. If I am late, then I may have them check, but otherwise they seem sorta meaningless. I had a friend walk around for weeks at 5 cm dilated. And another was 1 cm one day and gave birth the next. So no need to check and increase risk of infection. Due date is still August 20th... that won't change. My midwife did tell me that I should expect to have a few false start ups this round since my body already knows what to do and is kicking itself in gear. And wouldn't you know, I had lots of contractions last night. But non progressed. Just left me crampy this morning. So prayers that this (or these) are isolated incident(s), not prodromal labor! I've been corrected... apparently prodromal just means that they are real contractions that don't turn into labor. Well, bleh. Check, got those.

In other news, I am Strep B negative, which is great! I figured I would be since we pretty much do all of the preventive things on a regular basis anyway (kombucha, ACV, probiotics, etc), but it's still a relief! The baby is head down, with her back facing my right, which means if she doesn't decide to shift, I'll have back labor. Booo. But I did it last time and survived! Still, lots of pelvic tilts and hanging out on hands and knees in my future!


  1. Love the room! Especially the bedding. And so proud of you for making curtains! They really aren't too bad, once you figure it out. I am excited to see when your sweet little one makes her debut!


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