Adeline is 2 months!

Pardon the photo overload. I limited myself to favorites... but there are just so many!

Adeline is two months! Some highlights of this month...
  • Adeline is 10 lbs 14 oz and 22-1/2 inches long. Her hair has been falling out (just like Lil's did...) and it looks to me like the hair coming in is light brown. We shall see! She may not be the blondie that Lilleigh is. Too soon to say though.
  • Between 5 and 6 weeks, Adeline turned over a new leaf in sleeping. She slept 6 hours one night and progressed to 10 (!!) by the end of the week! It was insane. And totally amazing. Sure, she's had a few nights of regression, but for the most part, she consistently sleeps 8-10 hours. It's unbelievable. Lilleigh slept 7 hours at 7-1/2 weeks, and I thought that was amazing. Oh my word. Pretty sure Adeline is what the Baby Whisperer calls "angel baby." Love.
  • That said, we have had to sleep train. I prayed a lot about how to best sleep train this child, and it's been so interesting for me to see that God has really led me in a different direction with Adeline than Lilleigh. They are different babies, and God has made that so apparent. Both are/were happy babies, and I'm super thankful! Ever since sleep training, Adeline has been sleeping extremely well!  
  • On the topic of sleep, Adeline loooves to sleep on her tummy - and in our closet! She sleeps so very well there. I was really kinda worried about how the guest bedroom/ nursery situation would work out because our parents come up all the time. But Adeline has adjusted really well (thus far) to switching from her crib to her Moses basket in our closet. The closet is insulated, so she can't hear anything, which is why I have moved her there for naps as well. Lilleigh doesn't wake her up when she's in there!
  • Sweet girl gave Momma her first smile on her 7 week birthday! Oh it was the greatest thing ever! I love her sweet smile! It is fun to see her interact!
  • She loves to coo and drool! I'm guessing she may teeth on the earlier side, like her big sis.
  • She did lose a lot of her hair, but she doesn't look as bald as blondie Lil because Adeline's hair that's coming in is darker... light brown, possibly? I'm also predicting blue eyes. We get told she looks like Momma!
  • She bats at the toys hanging from her activity mat.
  • Lilleigh loooves to hold Adeline! And the photo collage below pretty much sums up each of the girls' feelings on this.
  • Some friends also threw us a sip n see. It was sweet and perfect! We loved getting to celebrate with close friends.

Adeline set herself on a pretty solid schedule. Here's what it roughly looks like...
6 AM Wake up to feed. Go right back to sleep.
8:45-9:15 AM Wake up sometime in here. Eat. Play briefly.
9:45-11:45/ Noon Nap
Noon Eat, play for a bit.
1:15-4 PM Nap
4 PM Eat, play
5-6 PM Nap
6 PM Wake up, socialize
6:15 PM Eat (cluster feed #1), play
7:30 PM Eat (cluster feed #2)
8 PM Bed!
It has been sooo much easier this time around, and I really think a lot of it is because I know the sleep patterns and cues to look for in helping her set her schedule. I also am more confident and carefree. She won't nap in her crib? Ergo, it is. Not big deal. She's been great about her crib, but having her sleep on me is great too because she is flexible and can be brought along for outings. Plus, there's time to get her to sleep in her crib.


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