Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween y'all! We enjoyed the day with our princess Snow White and little cupcake!

Every year we celebrate Halloween with our neighbors. We have a pretty social neighborhood, so we do know many of our neighbors. Even still, it's one of the only nights of the year that everyone comes out of their houses and that you can go ring a total stranger's doorbell. And for the past two years we hosted the neighborhood Halloween party as a way to bless our neighbors and really invest in those relationships. This year I gladly passed the baton, given that we have a newborn. And our fellow neighbors did an awesome job with the party by the way! There was even a parade!

Tonight was Lilleigh's first night trick-or-treating. We only went to four houses, but Lilleigh loved it!  Before the first house we went to - Lil's very first house ever to trick-or-treat at - I explained to Lilleigh that on Halloween we can go up to people's doors, and people will hand out candy or some sort of treat. She couldn't believe that and was so excited at the thought. We rehearsed that she needed to say "trick-or-treat." Then we walked up to the door. Our neighbor came to the door, with a bowl of candy in one hand and his laptop in the other, the screen facing us and three members of his Brazilian family crowded together watching us. They wanted to know how Halloween worked. It was hilarious. Lil's very first experience trick-or-treating. She was so confused! But she got her candy and was a happy girl. Our next door neighbor gave her like 10 lollipops too... of which Mom and Dad later hid 7. Lil's quote of the night that pretty much sums up her thoughts on Halloween, "I finally get to have candy!" Deprived child. Glad you got your lollipop because it's raisins and cheddar bunnies for the next 364 days.

We ended the night with s'mores with some of our neighbors a street over. Yum! It was really the perfect weather for it too. Clear sky and cool enough for a light jacket.

And here's another cute Halloween pic from the arboretum pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago. We have to mix up the costumes! Lilleigh wanted to dress as a bumble bee just like her little sissy! Love that!


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