Adeline at 4 Months

Adeline is 4 months old! It is both hard to believe she is so old and hard to believe that just over 4 months ago we had not even met her! Life without her is such a distant memory. Labor isn't a distant memory though, so grandparents can stop hounding me for another grandchild anytime soon!

That said, I think Adeline is the perfect baby! I know, I'm biased. But that's how moms are supposed to be right? Here's a little about Adeline at 4 months...

I'm going by memory for our doctor's appointment yesterday. She's 24.5", which puts her in the 50th percentile for height, and 12 lb 10 oz, which puts her in the 20-something percentile for weight. Lilleigh was always 90th percentile until age 2, when she fell to 40th, and I think she was somewhere around 30th percentile for weight. So that's how the sisters compare.

Adeline's schedule looks roughly like this:
Between 6 and 7 AM - Wake to feed. Then back to sleep.
9 AM - Up for the day. Feed.
10 AM to noon - Morning nap
12 - Feed
1:15-3:30 - Afternoon nap
3:30 - Feed
5-6 PM - Late afternoon nap
6 PM - Feed
7 PM (or before) - Bed
Her routine just changed up in the last couple weeks. She had been doing one long afternoon nap and no late afternoon catnap. This was fine with me, as I loved the long break in the afternoon, but it also sometimes made cooking dinner difficult, since late afternoon/ early evening is also the "witching hour." She also went from 4 feeds to 5, since she began waking at 6 or 7 to eat. It is a bit of a regression, but 14 hours seemed too good to be true. Twelve hours seems a little more realistic for a night's sleep without feeds.

Other characteristics of Adeline at 4 months...
  • She will still nap on-the-go in the Ergo or the baby sling, though she really prefers to be in a crib or pack n play, on her tummy. As long as she has a bed, she's good. This has made it easy for play dates.
  • I've noticed that in the last month she has not spit up much. Though Lilleigh wasn't a major spitter-upper, she did spit up until she started doing solids, so just an interesting observation.
  • Not really a note about Adeline, but I have started using some prefolds and Thirsties covers (a different type of cloth diaper). I really love them! Never thought I would like prefolds, but they are so easy and much slimmer. A friend let me borrow her stash, and then I ended up buying 2 used and love them.
  • She is not rolling yet but close! Truthfully I probably don't give her enough tummy time to get the roll down, but I figure since she sleeps on her tummy, she's fine. 
  • Addie absolutely loves her play mat and batting and kicking at the toys on it!


  1. I love reading these and seeing how my twins compare! It is so fun to watch them grow up "together" even if it is in different cities. You are such a great mom. Also, glad you are liking prefolds! I have some too (that I made--the covers, I mean), and they do the best job of preventing leaks. And they are much slimmer, you are right. They stay dry in them hours longer than any others. Btw the fuzzibunz you gave me are doing great, but all my new fuzzibunz get soaked at the leg openings really fast. Kinda bummed. Do you have this issue?


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