Dallas Icemageddon 2013

Thursday night freezing rain pounded the metroplex. At 12:30 AM our power went out. So by 3, when our house was freezing, Brendon headed for Walmart to look for a generator. Apparently 24 hour Walmart doesn't have them though. And the metroplex sold out of what was left a few hours later anyhow. Adeline woke up at 4:30 cold. At 5:30 our power came back on. We had a couple more bouts of power shutting off throughout the weekend. Friday morning we had a nice blanket of ice!

On Sunday we finally reached above freezing just barely. And only for a couple of hours. The parking lot was an ice skating rink though, so church was canceled. They did have a streaming service though online - how convenient is technology? 

Schools were closed Friday and Monday. Temps got up higher Monday and Tuesday in the afternoons, making the ice start to melt. Grocery stores are sold out of produce, and many took all refrigerated and frozen foods off the shelves due to lack of power.

When our power went off for the second night in a row, we packed our bags and the car to head to the Widemans'. Just as we had the girls and dog loaded in, the power came back on. Not kidding. Though we were grateful to not drive on slick roads, it was annoying timing. I had just woken up the baby! Grr. Lil sat around bummed for awhile after that because she wanted to sleep over at McKinley's! Sweet girl! 

Needless to say its been a mess here! Aside from fickle power, it's been nice to be stuck at home for four days straight! We had a cookie decorating party with neighbors on Thursday night, as the rain began, and neighborhood play group ere on Friday. I tried to get Lil to sled down our driveway in a box, but she was not amused. We have had lots of indoor play, including dress up (as always), playing with bubble wrap, decorating Lil's door like a snowman, homemade hot cocoa, building with marshmallows and toothpicks, and more!

The kicker to all of this? Our chimney repair man was scheduled for Tuesday! Sooo now that the ice is over, we have a nice working fireplace! Fortunately winter has just begun!


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