The First Pregnany Update: 14 Weeks

Since I am FINALLY starting to feel better, I thought I'd give a pregnancy update!

I am now 14 weeks and definitely showing. I haven't gotten any "When are you due?" comments though, so I'm pretty certain I'm still in that awkward "Is she pregnant? Does she just need to watch the desserts?" stage. But I know it's only a matter of time!


As far as sickness goes, I was basically "sick," as in hunger-induced nauseous, every night by 5 or 6 PM, if not before, and on through the night. I am so so so thankful for a hubby that loves spending time with his little girl and can get home early enough to let me retire to bed during those evening hours. We resubscribed to Netflix, and I've been watching Good Luck Charlie, mainly because I've had a few people now tell me Lilleigh looks like the little girl in that show. It's a Disney channel show, but let me just say, I love it. No drama. All funny. All cute.

So how has this pregnancy compared to the first?


They are similar in the whole getting sick every night thing and having to go to bed. And in that both times the nausea was hunger-induced and almost clockwork.

The nausea began and ended at the exact same points in pregnancy. I threw up a couple of times, at the exact same point in pregnancy as well.


This pregnancy though I figured out how to calm the nausea somewhat - by eating protein. It really made a world of a difference and some nights allowed me to actually play with Brendon and Lilleigh, while other night it at least delayed the nausea's onset till bedtime. 

Up until a week ago, I had only thrown up once this pregnancy. I have now thrown up twice and dry heaved twice... lovely. I'm hoping that's not something that will continue though. With Lil, I threw up twice total, and both before 12 weeks, whereas those last three this time were after the 12 week mark.

What am I doing differently this round?

Well for starters, I am keeping busy chasing a toddler around. We keep busy! Like last pregnancy, I'm still walking. This round though I actually have a pretty solid work out routine that I've been doing at home. And Lil thinks it's so fun to try to do the exercises with me. Love that girl. So they are pretty fun to do as well.

Our biggest change though is where we are delivering. Last time I started out with an OB, who then had a passive-aggressive tantrum in front of me, so needless to say, we ended up changing from her. I began to see to a midwife Cecily, whom I had heard wonderful things about. She has rights to Baylor Hospital, which I was also thankful for. And even though I had a wonderful birth experience last time, successfully going natural made me realize that the hospital was not my first choice of a place to deliver this baby. A hospital is awesome if you plan to get an epidural or have a c-section or have any indicators of risk, but since none of those apply to me, Brendon and I decided to use a nearby birth center that has awesome reviews, both from friends and the general public. So I pumped to be able to give birth in a home-type setting with qualified midwives and nurses present!


We've been asked a lot whether or not we will find out the gender. It seemed to drive most of our friends nuts last time that we did not find out the gender. {Oh my gosh, it was sooo fun to be surprised though!} So to answer that question, we are still deciding.

On the one hand, we LOVED not knowing with Lilleigh and being surprised. It was just so fun! And honestly, I felt like people were more interested in my pregnancy because of it. I just got so many "Oh my gosh, I couldn't not know!" and then that led into a long discussion. It was just the conversation starter it seemed, and I love conversing with random people so you know I loved that.

But on the other hand, now we have little Lilleigh at home. She is pretty laid back in many areas, so I do think she could handle being surprised by a baby brother. (She thinks it's a girl and is banking on that...) BUT I also know that she likes consistency and order and would probably do best knowing beforehand if she were about to have a brother or a sister and their name. We recently saw how well another friend's child did with this, and that little girl has a very similar temperament and personality to Lilleigh. Also after so recently miscarrying, we really want to enjoy each life we are given and know as much about each child as possible, so for that reason, it would also be neat to know. Still, we are a little torn, though you can probably tell which way we are leaning.

The nursery is pretty set though, whether it's a boy or girl. I'm thinking the baby will only be in the guest room/ nursery until a year or so, when it will share a room with Lilleigh. So I'm not really concerned about decor. Getting some boy clothes beforehand would be nice though, but it worked out fine last time, so again, not super worried there...

So we will see! If you read all of this, I'm impressed! More pregnancy updates to come, but they'll be more photos and less wordy! ;)


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