Lilleigh is 2!

I think this photo pretty much sums it up! But a few things not on there...
  • She's been doing excellent at potty training! She's only had two accidents in the last month, which I think is ridiculous - and awesome! I'm thankful. But totally didn't expect that. I think it's because she's a perfectionist. It's already starting to come out. She gets really upset when she messes up - like when she falls in front of people or something like that. When she had accidents in the beginning, she would get upset about that also. So I guess it's not that surprising.
  • In the last few months, she's had nightmares. She doesn't always talk about what scared her when she wakes up. But she wakes up completely frightened, and if I ask her if she had a bad dream, she will say yes. The other night before bed, we read Going on a Bear Hunt, which I thought was completely harmless, a fun rhyme and story. She LOVED the book, but then she took 2-1/2 hours to go to sleep. And finally after I rocked her for a long time, she told me she was afraid of the bear. Poor thing. Lesson learned - We need to be careful what she is exposed to because her little personality internalizes all of it - and worries!
  • She loves her tutus! Hence her birthday party theme.
  • This girl sings constantly. She loooves to sing. The other day she was even making up a bunch of songs about her friends to the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb
  • As it says on the chalkboard, she loves cheese. But just to explain how much she loves it, I'll share a story. The other day at Sprouts, Lil had been asking for cheese. (Smart girl remembered that last trip there had been someone with samples.) Since there weren't samples, we continued on with our shopping, working our way around the store. About 45 minutes later (This was our big shopping day for the month), I put a block of cheddar into the grocery cart. Lil wanted to hold it, so I said great and handed it to her. I continued to examine the other cheeses we might need. When I looked down to put more cheese in the cart, I noticed a large bite of cheese missing from the cheddar block I had just thrown in. Lilleigh had the hunk of cheese - and the plastic! - in her mouth. Silly girl!
  • That reminds me. She loves calling people and things "silly." She pretty much repeats anything you say. And since she's with me 90% of the time, you can guess who she got that from.


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