27 Weeks!

I am 27-weeks tomorrow! I really thought I was already 27 weeks... does that just show you how different pregnancy is second time around compared to first? #cantkeepup

Exercise: I'm still trying to stay active! It's getting a lit hot (already) to be walking in the afternoons, so I've been doing a lot of at home work-outs, realistically around 3x a week, though I aim for more. I also did prenatal yoga for the first time this week. I loved it. May be a good way to diversify my exercising!

Eating: No real cravings and no real aversions either. Still trying to eat healthy. Still no black tea, other than my weekly chai latte treat. That said, fermented tea is a different story - I'm loving kombucha. And I am trying my first batch today of iced tea, made with pregnancy and red raspberry leaf teas. Here's to hoping it satisfies my taste for good ole iced tea!

Body: Other than my bump, I haven't had much weight gain elsewhere yet. I'm sure it's only a matter of time until those hips spread, but I'm enjoying them at normal size! Also no brown line on the tummy this pregnancy. I definitely had it by 20 weeks with Lilleigh.

Midwife appointments: Last time I went, I was measuring a week smaller... now I'm measuring one week ahead, so I'm thinking I'm right where I should be! I also had my blood glucose test today, so here's to hoping it will come back negative! Since 25% of the time, the test comes back a false positive anyway, I opted for the random testing instead of drinking that yucky drink. I'm not sure if it changes my odds of a false positive, but since I hate putting extra sugar and chemicals into my body, it just seemed wiser (for me) to opt out of that. In case you're wondering, yes, that test technically is optionally. You could bypass it altogether if you feel you're at low risk for GD.

Big Sis: Lilleigh loves talking about baby Adeline and all that she is going to help Mommy with! She's been an awesome napper, which has been oh-so-wonderful for me, since I have needed my daily naps!

Nesting: I sold the desk that was in the crib's place in the nursery/guest room. I made the curtains. Now I'm just waiting for Brendon to set up the crib. I'm not doing a ton to the nursery in terms of transforming it just for Adeline. But it has given me an excuse to make it look a little cuter in general! Also, SMom and Morgan brought up my old dresser and nightstand to use in Lilleigh's room, since they are super cute and girly! And since Adeline and Lilleigh will eventually share a room, I'm working on a game plan of a possible playhouse bunk bed for Brendon and Larry to build. Originally I wanted to keep Lilleigh's full size bed and just put a trundle underneath, but this just looks so fun!

 Other than that, we went to our first Rangers game, courtesy of Brendon's work.

And Tita and Morgan came to visit!

Hope all is with you! If you read this today (Monday), keep us, all of North Texas, and Oklahoma is your prayers. Another tornado hit near OKC, and North Texas is under a tornado watch tonight. Thankfully Brendon is home this evening!


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