Mom's Day Off

My awesome hubby did it again and blessed me with another day off! Okay, so it ended up being more of a morning off... this pregnant momma really can't survive these days without a nap!

Anyway, he gave me some spending money and gave me two requirements: 1) To spend the money, and 2) To do something fun! (Last time I didn't do a great job of either of these...)

So off I went to get a mani and pedi. Pretty toes and a foot rub make all things better. Well, the only thing better might be an awesome deal. And we have pretty much the greatest nail place ever right by my house - they give awesome manis and pedis, without skimping on time, and it's $30 for both. LOVE.

Then I was off to the Galleria, where...

I bought some shoes. A deal? Why, yes. 15% off, thank you very much.

Made a Starbucks stop. I broke my one Starbucks per week rule. But I figured since I had skipped it entirely the week before that it was okay. And I only got a tall.

Then I stopped in at Francesca's and found what I had really been shopping for -- a cute tote bag/ purse that could serve as a diaper bag, without screaming "diaper bag." And one cheap enough that in a few months I could justify buying another... because who doesn't love bags? And how cute is this one? It has a couple of interior pockets, zips shut, and can be carried over my shoulder - all must haves, in my book. And in the back it has an exterior pocket, which was also a requirement for me - gotta have a sippy cup slot!

A new purse, shoes, and Starbucks! And all with money spent pretty freely. It was like I was 18 again! :)


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